Last Days: The Week in Review

Maligned Marijuana, Enlightened Anti-Vaxxers, and Photographic Evidence of Rape Culture in Action


The only gateway addiction is the folks who vote for the GOP- and then get addicted to voting for ever-more reactionary twits.
@1 - Law Enforcement is pretty badly addicted to drug prohibition money. Over the past two decades, Law Enforcment budgets have increasingly been made of of money extracted from the populations they supposedly protect - forfeiture, ticketing, and big federal subsidies for meeting quotas to keep the prisons filled with drug offenders. They make their money by arresting people, which is really the wrong incentive structure - this is the fundamental problem with CompStat.
Oooh...and @anti-vaxxers: indeed, many of them can't be reached even after they get hit upside the head with the 2x4 of reality. So, I'm curious: what's the magic number of pertussis pts to get her to change her mind? 2? 5? What's the threshold?
Just another big government Republican trying to trample State's rights.
She is wrong about anti-vaxxers being persuadable. Studies have found that giving them any sort of information fails to sway them.
When Sarah Palin didn't want to do her job as governor of Alaska any more, she quit. Christie is good in a crisis and no one should forget what he did during the hurricanes, but he stopped doing his job for New Jersey a while ago.
@5, Hanoumatoi, I agree. It's super sad that we have to do studies to find out how to talk convince adults of things that are observably true. Some studies show that they'll trust people that they see as more likely to have their best interests at heart, like relatives and neighbors (which is how the anti-vax movement got going). So maybe at least this woman's own circle of friends, when they see pics of these kids whom they know with bad sicknesses, will change their minds.
@1 pat L and @2/@3 AFinch: Agreed.
Christie, the rotting sewage sputtering, reigning GOP KIng of all Gross Tonnage, should be rolled in shit and char-roasted--and all rapists and their videotaping cheering sections should be forced to eat his ugly remains until they puke and die.
@8, Part II: At least Tara Hills is a start back in the right direction regarding anti-vaxxers and their misguided paranoia. Tara, can you spread the word, please, about your newly enlightened discovery about the importance of vaccinating your kids--especially to anyone about to visit places popular family-oriented tourist attractions like Disneyland?
Why would any sane human being be interested in the opinions of this bloated, corrupt, incompetent loud mouth?
Look at those annoying clowns. I hope the circus performers give them what for.