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A Riotously American Week in America

Arguing about gays. Thinkstock


May there be true justice, peace--AND the removal of Dark Money. Then maybe democracy will be restored.

Still no mention of the birth of Britain's newest princess, born Saturday morning, May 2nd?

I am curious about who won that drawing contest. Did anyone actually draw any cartoons, or did they just have a party with a name intended to cause trouble?
In addition to citing Mother Jones, it would be a major oversight for Seattle's alt-weekly to not mention Baltimore's alt-weekly, the City Paper, which was all over the coverage well before Monday's riots, including covering how racist sports fans helped fuel the first incidents of vandalism on Saturday and filming photographer Joe Giordano's beating by police later that night.
The prophet Mohammad is a bore.
There were two winners to the contest, both chalk outlines.
Long live Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

Happy Mother's Day this Sunday, to my Mom and all mothers out there.

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