Last Days: The Week in Review

Speeding Locomotives, Self-Possessed Newscasters, and Seattle Rises Up Against Shell Oil


Sad about Amtrak. An excellent argument for increased rail safety for everybody, workers included.

Shell NO!!!
That Amtrak crash is fishy as hell. The engineers and conductors are federally guaranteed that they can't exceed 12 hours in a shift (as anyone who has ever been on a train when the crew "went dead" knows) and most of them - especially in the Northeast Corridor - work 4-6 hours, get paid for 8, and have the rest of the day to rest. Their contract also makes ample allowances for rest periods.

What's really ballsy is the conductor who is suing the railroad for the crash. The Conductor is the operator of the train. He or She tell the Engineer the train orders. They and the Engineer have to be certified on the route before they can work it. There's both a Conductor and and Assistant Conductor on every train. When they saw the train was going as fast as it was one of them should have pulled the emergency brake. Now they're all scrambling to cover their derrières.
Socialist says lets have civil debates- good! Vulgar depraved 'sex advice columnist' attacks a mans name in a decade long personal attack, instead of civil debate- better!

You leftwing crazies really have no understanding of the place called reality, do you?
@3 So saying having consensual sex with someone of the same gender is just like sexually assaulting and raping animals, counts as CIVIL discourse with you? Where do you live? The sewers? Hell? With Santorum?
@3: If I want to hear about what's reality and what isn't, I'm not going to listen to a guy who believes:
-That the ACA is illegal and unconstitutional. (source)
-That the Earth is not warming. (source)
-That evolution by natural selection doesn't explain current biodiversity. (source)
-That the complexity of the universe cannot be accounted for without invoking the supernatural. (source)
-That sexual orientation does not exist. (source)
-That transsexuals do not exist. (source)
-That hate crime charges are almost never pressed against minorities for offenses committed against white Christians. (source)
-That the federal and local governments of the United States have no power to ban discrimination in businesses open to the public. (source)

And that's just the stuff that's a matter of fact rather than opinion. All of those claims are objectively incorrect, but you've got a whole host of opinions that are equally ludicrous but in a more subjective way. And oh look, I cited my claims! That's more than you EVER do, Seattleblues. The shit you say isn't just not right; it's not even wrong.
I'll be in my bunk.
#5 You just won the Internet for the entire month!
#7. Agree. If ever there was a "drops the mic" moment on SLOG, this was it.