Last Days: The Week in Review

Cops Charged with Murder, Cops Killed by Murder, and Lions Killed by Dentists


Castrate Walter Palmer and Donald Trump now, with a bounty on their ugly heads!
Go, Heather, GO!
The most peculiar thought about this horrible and most unnecessary lion killing by the dentist, Palmer, was that we have an over abundance of vermin in America worth hunting, what with all the banksters, financial fraudsters, and those local vermin who believe no American worker should be paid more than the least amount possible!

Hunting American Vermin

An excellent blog post by Jon Schwartz at The Intercept perfectly captures this notion.

When Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, sought more income equality for his valued workers, he raised the minimum salary level for everyone to $70,000 per year, but certain vermin were aghast at this:…

Brian Canlis, a co-owner of his family-named restaurant, is [a client of Gravity Payments]. He said he was fond of Mr. Price, but was more discomfited by his actions. …

The pay raise at Gravity, Mr. Canlis told Mr. Price, “makes it harder for the rest of us.”…

“I worry how that’s going to impact other businesses,” said Steve Duffield, the chief executive of the DACO Corporation, who met Mr. Price through the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Seattle. ……

Roger Reynolds, a co-owner of a wealth management company, said his discussion of the pay plan with Mr. Price got heated. “My wife and I got so frustrated with him at a cocktail party, we literally left,” said Mr. Reynolds…

Please, no unwarranted hunting and killing of lions, but please be aware of the vermin amongst us.
Tensing not only remains free, but he is on track to getting his gun back: Nothing changed, yay!
@6, real progressives have a most violent history in pursuit of progress --- never forget that, sonny.

And speaking of lions and anti-violence, let us never forget Christian the lion:……