Columns Sep 2, 2015 at 4:00 am

This Just In: Mel Gibson Is a Butthole

Bad Blood.


*sigh* I miss David and Cienna.
Enough with the pap. When's David coming back?
I'm kind of surprised Gibson's only 59.
What is this, TMZ?
Spitting, shoving, insulting, attacking the paparazzi? Sounds pretty good to me. Go Mel go!
you might want to print a retraction since the police investigation into the matter with Mel Gibson indicated absolutely no evident (via available video or witnesses) to support the story of abuse by Mel Gibson. Legal case has been dropped. The papparazi is now being sued for slander. Read it on AP stories in real news mags everywhere.
A paparazzi got pushed after innocently following a dude around on vacation and snapping photos of him?!

What is the world coming to? I really hope the cunt douche nozzle didn't get hurt!
Celebrity last days is the worst thing about the Portland Mercury and now it's infested The Stranger. Please stop it and bring back interesting, real news.
This week's article is for the last three people on earth who care about Paula Deen.
The Stranger is starting to become "that paper that was good once but has died due to editorial mismanagement". Get rid of Ann Romano, she's killing this column!!
Aren't 12 yr olds just such fun?
I read that dear ( ugh is right), Mel.. Is suing the lot of them for making up stories about him. Some people really should just fall off the horizon.
Kayne West, Mr Narcissism himself, that is way funny. You and Donald, a must see song and dance duo.
@9. The Telegraph is a Murdoch paper,
Known to occassionally stretch the truth every which way. Guess the reporters have lost all sense of the truth now as well.
Then with Mel.. Anything is possible.

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