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I'm a 22 year long customer of the historical Remo Borracchini's Italian deli and bakery, located in Rainer Valley (in what was once known as "Garlic Gulch", 100+ years ago). I was stunned to see pickets in front of this little family business!

As a lifelong union member, I had to know if this was legitimate, so I phoned the AFL/CIO. It is not a union action, and no organizing effort is in the works. The complaints apparently range from the woman who thought a 3 hour shift entitled her to a paid break, to the former worker who did not think being rude to customers was due cause for dismissal.

I am a teacher, and have often shopped there at 6:30 AM. I often see that 82-year old man, already at work. He doesn't ask anyone to do anything he won't do as well, elderly as he is.

I buy donuts in large quantities, either to reward my students for a goal that's been reached, or to treat my colleagues. People see the pink box and moan, "Ohhh! Is THAT from Borracchini's?"

I have never crossed a legitimate picket, but to those illegally blocking the sidewalk in front of a business that brings our little community greater pride in our ethnic diversity, a sense of history, and the world's BEST Italian food and bakery foods, I can only say: move your toes, cause I'm going in!
Screw You, you Moron! A picket doesn't need to be "sanctioned" by any official union-they are part of the problem! If the grievance is legitimate( obviously, management thinks otherwise) then FUCK REMO's!!!!!

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