Letters to the Editor

Fired Up


"Renters should also never withhold their rent; that is not a legal right of the tenant."

In regards to Mr. Grant's letter about Mr. Holden's article:
It should be a legal right of renters/tenants. I'll be damned if *I'm* going to be evicted in an unfair manner due to someone else's irresponsibility! This is a roof, access to water, and access to heat we're talking about here, the very things needed to survive!

"In fact, under current laws there is no requirement to notify tenants that a home is in foreclosure or that the homeowner is in default. Once the home is foreclosed on, the law even allows the renter's lease to be dissolved, catching people off guard with only 20 days from the date of the sale to find other housing."

This needs to be changed, *pronto*. This is unfair to *all* renters, whether rich or poor, disabled or abled (sorry if my attempts at pc are incorrect) (although I do feel sympathy esp for disabled and for low means people, the last grp which I may be a member of soon).