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Seattle's Sexiest People!


i HATE, HATE this method of determining seattle's sexiest what-have-yous. the write-in nomination forms with set categories were so much better! i may sound like a luddite (i'm not) and i'm probably in the minority, but i just had to vent for a moment. kthnx.
Agreed. 2009's sexiest were LAME! Can you please avoid making this year's sexiest look like an American Apparel pullout ad? There is more diversity in Seattle than the generic hipster fare you fed us last year. Thanks.
Here's what I hate: you have an image with the written instructions in it (including a link to the site you want us to go), rather than good old HTML.
You know who ISN'T going to win?

That hairy dude with the shaved crotch in the Savage Love column.
Librarian with "dorky grin and killer rack", will you marry me?
There is a checker at the greenlake PCC named Persia that could easily make this list. No one can take their eyes off her.
Seattle thinks only skinny tattooed hipsters are sexy. You all are so wrong.
i agree with all of the above. can the stranger please just stop doing this? i've rarely missed an issue for 15 years, but i'm not even gonna bother picking up the valentine's day issue to see who won the popularity contest..

and ditto on strangercrombie: though i'm glad they're raising money for a good cause, i have no interest in seeing a bunch of cool stuff get bid up to sky high prices no one i know could possibly afford.
How do we take anonymous pictures without being stalkers - if we're discrete, the pictures will suck and not be sexy, even though those people are always sexy, even when they're having a bad day. Please advise...
before you send in a picture of someone you like or love, review the slog comments and decide if you want that person to be subjected to the mean-spirited criticisms that will surely follow.
some people around here are slightly inclined to make nasty comments about other people's looks.
Last year's format was really lame. Years past have been fairly decent. I hope this is not the same half baked farce we were presented last year.

That said, I would like to nominate Loveschild as sexiest slog commenter. Does somebody have a photo?
To me, this is just a competition of self-portraits taken at a high angle. Bleh.