New Column!

Satan’s Cinema with Pastor Mark Driscoll!


Satan resides at 1401 NW Leary! Love the new column and to those who say it pays him the attention that he is whoring for, I say he is too fuckin funny to pass on. Cults rule.
Please continue this column forever.
The great thing is this exact column word for word could show up non-ironically in a church bulletin.
Usually when the church is against "it" I'm for "it". I'll skip The Blind Side. Sorry Satan.
"If a woman ever beat me at anything id kill myself" - best line in the post?

to many fat jokes, put downs on women at that church, even though he adores his wife and makes tons of babies with her...
cause thats whats important first

tuff tuff
mark is not the writer of this column. i asked him and he posted that "it has nothing to do with me. the stranger is just having fun at my expense"
Wait. You had to ask?
i had to ask because Mark sometimes has a twisted sense of humor and I wouldn't put it past him to write a column like this...tounge of cheek of course and a bit of self parody. but he is not the writer. sorry.
and in all defense of Mark, he would not say some of the more offensive things written in this column. contrary to public opinion by readers of the stranger he does not hate gays or women.