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Gone but Not Forgotten


Hahahaha...she won and, once again, The Stranger lost, and made itself look stupid in the process...oh so careful not to make fun of anyone for being black, gay, transgender, disabled, woman, etc. but you have no problem mocking someone because of his or her age. I'd say your snarky campaign against Godden actually helped her get some votes, while it further diminished your already miniscule political credibility.
I'm glad to see the Elder Sage of our city's council can still write after a spell (I'd not seen her in print for a few years, but then I'm not that well-informed).

Jeannie's letting her hair loose plus sputterin' her nasty nouns. Are we ready for THAT Jean Godden? Goddang, yeah! Bring it on,'ve come a long way on that SLUT!
Why on earth did this woman get re-elected?