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Winners of HUMP! 2012


Yaaaay!! I LOVED Magic Love! I certainly voted it Best In Show. Not only was it adorable and sexy with a clever premise, but the stop-motion filming technique actually took some skill to pull off. Well deserved. However....Alice And Miles for best sex?? I agree that it was very pretty and polished and the individuals involved were very photogenic... but the girl in the film had absolutely. NO. expression. The entire time! Even with that well-hung gentleman's giant member invading her, she looked like she was mentally reviewing her shopping list. Boo.
"Palme d'Hump" is pronounced "palm dump".
Is everyone okay with that?
Just wondering...

A Canadian Guy. (Pronounced "Ghee")
Which one was Alice & Miles? Was it the one with the Portishead song playing the whole time and the woman had on a black dress, or was it the one with the young couple showing their dating and lovemaking, going to parks and restauarants and the bathtub full of packing peanuts?

Also was Magic Love the one that had the couple fucking on the bed with the girl seeming to be sprung and jerked forward and back like magic because of the stop motion filming?

Which one was Boyfriend? Was it the one that showed the cute gay couple having a dance party in the Mars Hill parking lot?
These winners are spot on except for Alice and Miles...Hwarf!!! They are giving straight people sex a bad name with their perfume commercial video. I felt like I was watching an unedited Calvin Klein commercial with slightly more cock. SNORE! This was the most boring film in the festival. I apologize on behalf of all mostly straight people. Our sex is not always pretentious and vacant.