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Dang, I thought this was going to be a legit article. That would have been much more interesting. . .
@1 See, the joke is that Seattle Landlords Are Awful. Get it? Ha ha
It is always such an embarrassing mess when The Stranger tries to be The Onion.

Try subtlety next time. It goes a far way when attempting humor.
Well, Tim Keck started the Onion, so it's kind of baked in.
I'm sorry, that last letter, in particular, just doesn't sound true without a sprinkling blaming tenants as being the voters passing levies, rental inspection laws, and other property tax increases.
I hate to pop your bubble @3, but cockroaches, rats, black mold, broken appliances and potentially lethal electrical code violations in just one of notorious #Slumlord Carl Haglund's buildings aren't very subtle.
thank you The Stranger, I found this amusing and cathartic
If only we'd elected Pamela Banks, she could have fixed this all with a $200-plate community prayer breakfast.

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