Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


A. Birch,
Did you hear about Miss Barnett's legal troubles?
I suspect this article is "humor", but it's actually spot on. SPOT ON. The food reviews here SUCK, and in general this "paper" (if you can call it that) is unfriendly to low-income landlords such as myself.
"Low income landlord" Oh Kip, no matter how many times you tell yourself this it will never make it true.

You rent to anyone who comes up with a deposit and even if they move out in a week or get a good look at the shit holes you call house you keep all their money. You NEVER return a dime.

How about your other scams? Selling on contract and defaulting on your senior loan causing people who paid on time to lose their homes? Renting and collecting rent on properties you know are scheduled for auction? Three of your rentals have had fires in the past two years or so. Getting and defaulting on Bridge loans to cover earlier bridge loans (it's called a poncy scheme). Not paying anything, homeowners taxes, mortgages, income tax until you have no choice. All of this is PUBLIC RECORD. Maybe this is a different Kip Schoning? It's such a common name.