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Man Trouble


As a parent, I would never expect my mid-twenties child to give up his bed or his apartment to me when I came to town with my spouse, let alone my boyfriend. I would get a hotel room or I wouldn't come. If some circumstance forced me to stay in my son's bed, I certainly wouldn't have sex in it! Dan, you were a little easy on the old Dad here!
Dude how do I find you?? So I am at dennys stoned out my my mind 7 am eating a a t bone and i am so amused no so fuckin amused by how you write I can't stop!! I am addicted to you and your truth!!! Keep it real all peace and love Judy Fitz 36 and single hey ya lookin out or what !!!!!
The above comment is hilarious.

I think the 23-year-old is asexual and just being driven crazy by the belief that she must be *actively sexually interested* in men to be normal. That would be expected with our socialization, or could well be. Especially depending on the conventions and tenor of the particular social environment you grow up in. Of course, that goes without saying around these parts.

Was this before Dan got on the asexual thing?