Savage Love

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hey circus from the future here, i think it's awesome peg wasn't even really in the running...

i decided about a month ago to go back and read all the old savage loves when i realized that i didn't have to wait for the new column, that in fact there was an archive of funny and insightful just waiting for me.

it's fun to look back and read history, like the origins of pegging...oh btw dudes (and chicks) can marry each other in a BUNCH of places here in the future AND i'm totally cool with liking giving head, who knew.
"in this case i find myself torn"


i think that Dan knew his term from the beginning
"in this case i find myself torn"


i think that Dan knew his term from the beginning
"Straponanism" - oh, man, that's the hardest I've laughed in...well, three columns (I'm slowly working my way through all the columns)...and, before that, maybe weeks. You are hilarious in a peculiarly erudite way.

By the way, I'd vote for "Savage Love" becoming the standard term for SOME deviant sex practice. "Hey, baby, let's make love the Savage way!"
I'm reading all the back columns and it's very interesting to see the options for this term now that pegging has offically worked it's way into common vocab.

Actually, even though Dan proclaimed it dumb and it wasn't in the running, I really liked Pied-Piper. Hailarious!
I wish Bobbing had been selected though. My husband is named Bob and he's very gay friendly (hell, he married a fag hag for Christ's sake!) so I think Bobbing would have been a term we would have laughed about with our gay friends. He would probably be open (ha! Pun intended!) to a practice titled after his namesake!
So Dan, how's your aunt Peggy? ; )