Columns May 31, 2001 at 4:00 am

Eat Shit


Thanks for the enlightened reading.It has highlighted my evening, nothing like listening to the Independents and taking in an eye ball full of shit talk to relax me, and remind me just how interesting and fucked up people are!
Answer to Phil in Philly's question: I've heard "rainbow kiss" used to describe period oral sex. Urban Dictionary describes it as a hetero pair 69ing during menstruation and snowballing.

(Ahh, the joy of re-reading old columns while I have insomnia.)
Phil- I've heard it referred to as 'Getting your Red-Wings'
Phil- I've been told it's called a "red shower".
I've heard "having coffee at the Red Cross?"
Urban Dictionary gave me "Parting the Red Sea".
It's an order of fish tacos, extra salsa.
I feel compelled to point out that showering in no way is known to make rimming a "whole lot safer." You reduce your intake of poop for sure, but you're still eating poop. Since people get sick and die every day from traces of poop in their burgers, vegetables, on a door knob from someone who didn't wash well leaving a rest room an hour before, well--even a scrubbed ass can pass on the same illnesses as a shitburger.
Dan's poo munching column gave me an idea for a flash fiction one act play. I don't now how well it went over.…

Hope you like it.
To Phil's query, I've heard it's getting a "kool-aid mustache".

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