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We Have a Winner!


I have been regularly pegged by my girlfriend for 4 years now. Her female lover has joined in on occasion, but is a sub-par pegger while my girlfriend is...just so good at it that I simply do not have the words to describe her skill/sensuousness. I was a virgin at the time of my initiation as bending over for my girlfriend was a prerequisite for fucking. I thought it was a one-time thing at the time but instead, it has become the centre of our sex life.
i wish i could meet women who like to pegg men. is there a club for them? if so please let me know. (619)829-4904 ask for "laura paulina" please no pros, no$. just the fun for these women and i.
I have seen it on video for years , but only occasionally. Now that I have found out about the term 'Pegging' I have looked it up on the Internet and there is a lot of info about it. I would like my wife to take an interest in it and Peg me, but she is a little shy about doing it to me yet.I would love to correspond with other couples here in West Australia who are regulars at Pegging and have them chat to my wife so that she can overcome her inhibitions and fuck my bum too. Is there a public Forum where I can email people about this very interesting topic.

Dan Savage-Theatre major. How cliche.
'... searching for the most derogatory term in the American slang dictionary. Peg boy won hands down (or asses up).'

Very dubious claim. The 'American slang dictionary' to which you refer has to be 'The American slang dictionary' (1891), by James Maitland. There's no entry for 'peg boy' in 'The American slang dictionary'. Another urban myth exploded I'd venture.
Also, nothing for 'peg boy' in the 'American Slang Dictionary' by Richard Spears (Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill ESL, 29 June 2006).

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