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i gave my first blowjob at 13 to my mate and (and i thaught he was straight) now see each other and go out very often now, so i think just go for it.

p.s i am a male and gay and loving it
Don't let someone come inside of you, even with a condom on? Why is that? Is it because of risk of condom breakage? I've never heard this, and I'm wondering if it is a reasoning specific to gay men. (Admittedly, I'm a woman, so there are probably a lot of things I haven't heard about gay-man-sex.)
What do you think?? My husband of 40 years was going to a man for Oral sex for the last three years until he got caught. Swears he is not gay. Always came [no pun intended] right home from work. Once a month got stuck in traffic as he told me, That was when he went to this mans house. Called the man frequently during the day while working. Said he seperated the sex from the friendship. I spoke to man also. Could he [my husband]be gay?? He has Been going to councellers and group to try and work out marriage. Find out he was abused as a child, but I cannot buy this as an excuse??? Wehad a great sex life. NEVER thought he would ever lay in bed with a man. How can a man go receive oral sex from a man in bed and not be gay??
You should be asking Dan about this, not commenters. But hey. It's not impossible for a guy to identify as straight but want to play with cock every now and again. As Dan says, 'Being gay isn't about being penetrated, it's about who you fall in love with'. Maybe your husband is in love with you, but has a craving for a guy's touch every now and again.
My husband was looking for a guy to give him a blowjob. He told me he was doing it for the adrenaline rush and that he is not gay. He is the horniest man on the planet and I don't question he loves and is sexually attracted to me, I'm just a little confused on what to think. He has an addictive personality and am wondering if it's something along those lines... Any thoughts?
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ladylove-can't give you an absolute answer either way. There ARE closeted gay guys who get in fake marriages and continue to troll for sex on the side, and then give flimsy reasons if caught(though i think there's less and less of this all the time as it becomes easier to be openly gay) but there also very much ARE genuinely straight guys who experiment or are curious, or who just want to seek easy blowjobs without the emotional entangelment of a woman.

Not knowing your husband...there's no way i can say.
I think sometimes straight guys just want to receive a blowjob from someone who is really into giving them, who does it well, and where they can relax completely and don't need to worry about pleasing the other person (because blowing them is already the ultimate pleasure for that person). They don't even need to be attracted to the person to enjoy the blowjob - after all, a guy can enjoy his hand or pillow without being attracted to it. It is easier to find gay or bi guys who fit this than a woman. In heterosex, it tends to be all about pleasing the woman, and that it hard work. Sometimes a guy just needs a day off.
im from leeds i would meet someone to see what sucking someone off is like im a lad tho
Excuse me, but I found your answer to this guys questin to be an incredibly stupid and irresponsible one. You steer him to an escort? You have him ask the escort if he has any STDs or is HIV positive. If hey says yes, he should get on his knees and blow him. WITHOUT a condom??? WTF Dan?! You should have told him to use a condom for oral sex. Problem solved! Have SAFE oral sex with a condom is the safest sex there is.
Use a condom and you w t have to worry about getting an STD or HIV. just suck a dick with a condom. Problem solved.
Hi im a lad from gloucestershire and i wanna know what is like to suck a cock. Any offers
i love to try it my self i love cock
im in Ireland and I would love to suck cock and to get my cock sucked by another guy in the same position as me... any offers?
Sucking cock with a condom on is the safest but for a lot of guys I think they would want to swallow their load at least that's my case. Can stop thinking about it.
Regarding the last letter I think your comment is a little hypocritical. So the guy is crushing on another dude. Ok he may even be in love. Does the capacity to fall in love with another guy negate his capacity to fall in love and sex up a girl? Does the gay love trump his straight love? It did for you and thats great but its a little closed minded I think to limit him that way. Maybe he does love this guy he, but the fact that he is able to have a loving sexual relationship with a woman would point him to the middle of the Kinsey scale in my opinion.