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On the Straight and Narrow


On the issue of women watching gay porn: some of us do. Since watching gay porn for the first time I find straight porn so... boring. While I am somewhat bisexual, the women in porn don't do much for me.
Many of the women who enjoy gay porn, however, won't tell you. Unlike straight guys watching "lesbian" porn, it is not culturally acceptable for women to watch any form of porn - let alone gay porn.
You can add another to the number of women who watch gay male porn. I discovered m/m erotica in the '70s when I was in high school and graduated to gay porn when I was older and it was easier to find.

I'll watch straight porn with my husband occasionally, but prefer to watch two men getting it on.
Never watched it, but I'm off to find some...
This is of course years and years too late but go look up the word "yaoi". Then you will see how many women are into man-on-man action.
I too watch gay porn and enjoy it very much. Unfortunately even though some of the pitfalls of porn in general are solved through gay porn ie. actually attractive men. There is still the most important pitfall; That porn is designed by and for men. This is probably why many women turn to female written slash erotica and/or Yaoi. While women do find two men together hot, gay porn is still designed for men, and subsequently be missing many aspects of sex that women find important for stimulation. For instance I find when I am watching gay porn that it is disappointing to look at the actors faces and see a completely blank look. I'm can only guess this probably doesn't bother gay men as much because they aren't looking at the actors faces, or they understand that their just concentrating or something.. but it totally kills the mood for me. Also if they leave their socks on. Probably a detail like that is not going to ruin it for a man but that's basically a guarantee that I will instantly turn it off. It seems unlikely that their will be male/male porn designed for women anytime soon. This is probably because the existence of porn is contingent on an ability to make a profit from it, and women will probably never be as devoted to spending lots of time and money on masturbatory fantasies as men are. We have other things to do.
#5 boosh! well said!