Savage Love

Conduct Unbecoming


I know where not to buy toys.
I could hardly blame Dan for not knowing this, but someone should have told Love Vibrating Cock to put the vibrator in her ass! There's a reason they don't make the vibrators she asks for: it sounds good as a fantasy, but it does NOT feel good in real life. It's also very easy to get injured that way (both the guy and the girl). A vibrator in the ass makes it tighter for the guy, but not so tight as to cause pain, and would give LVC the sensation she's hoping for. It's great fun - you really can't tell what's what and what's where. If you want to forget which hole it's in, just use a little bullet - it feels just like having two vibrating penises stretching your vagina. Here's hoping LVC discovered this little trick on her own!
Funny how people are so squicky about sharing sex toys, which can be cleaned, but not about slutting around with strange people, who cannot.