Savage Love

Do the Santorum


The human uppercase "A" has a name: the Eiffel Tower. Created, I'm sure, by college boys, it originally had high-fiving as the peak of the tower, but making out works, too.
you're cute Dan. i want *you* for President.
We should bring back dueling. You and Mr. Santorum could settle this with some honor. Punk.
You're amazing, Mr. Savage. Much love from Carrollton, GA.
What fun to read the Savage Love that started it all!
I just LOVE the way the English language can evolve to produce new and exiting expressions ; each with the accuracy of a sniper's bullet !
We need more dead-on , specific definitions like this to describe some of the slime in government that is turning this country ass-backwards.
Dan you are my Hero! Thank you...This gets attention and makes those who object to it looke very bit as crazy as they are!!!!!
I'm sure you have had a fair share of 'Santorum' dripping from your face after picking up young boys from the local middle school...
yeah, baby!
I just wrote this to Froth Man's website:
Just watched a campaign stop in NH. A college student tried to engage on gay marriage and you changed the issue to polygamy, not fair. I am straight, raised Catholic, and have participated in many wedding ceremonies. The vows are that you promise to love, honor and care for your partner for life. Nothing about children. The contract says two people become one. I have been married for 32 years to the same woman. We have two grown children. Our marriage is not about sex, it's about taking care of each other and helping our children. If we were unable to conceive I'm sure we would have adopted. So what's the difference if we were two men or two women as long as we cared for each and our children for life. I'm much more concerned with broken families and the affect on children, the trouble of single parent families when it comes to defending marriage.
Mike d'
Are you happy with the last primaries you dirty gay???
12 the Santorum....oh, you mean f'ing for fun (FFF)??

It occurred to me that Mrs. Santorum almost always seems to display a contorted, uncomfortable smile when she is standing on the podium (podium: distant cousin of Santorum) behind her husband. Is it possible that, upon glancing down, she notices a peculiar stain in that special region of Rick's crotch? If only!!
I love it!
Take a bow "Wipe Up That Santorum, Anal Pokers"! You must be so proud you created a new word :)