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Dan is spot on with FMBC - I absolutely love to chow on pussy, and since I take pride in my work and like to do a good job, I concentrate on it, which can allow my neglected cock to go flaccid. But it doesn't mean at all that I'm not having the fucking time of my life with my face buried in pussy. The solution is easy enough, as FMBC's hubby found...just reach down and give the little guy some attention. So FMBC, get over it and stop reading so much shit into it. If he's that eager to eat you out, he must be liking it.
Not that it matters over 7 years from when the letter was written, but it sounded more like FMBC was frustrated that even though her husband stroked himself he was still losing his erection.
Dan posts letters from some really amazingly fucked up women, but FMBC may take the prize for arrogance, conceit, and basic narcissism. Her husband and everyone else needs to stop fucking FMBC just to make sure that her gene pool doesn't spread.

I'm reading the archives in 2012, and I just have to ask as a woman: Why do women complain about their foot fetishist lovers?

I can't imagine a more harmless kink. What could be so horrible about sexually charged foot massages on the regular? It sounds like a breeze to indulge, compared to almost everything else I've read about here. The only problem I'd have is donning fancy high heels, as I care about my podiatric health. But I would kind of prefer my man look at some other womans disembodied feet rather than her whole fake body in porn.

I get the feeling that people who wrote in to complain haven't been reading Savage Love for very long, or have a bleek outlook on kink in general. Better than diapers or cuckolding. Jeez!
Just in case anyone is interested in how artifical sweeteners can "go right through your system", this article makes it easy to understand:…