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Gosh, Dan, if I received 10,000+ pieces of mail disagreeing with me I would at least look into those people's point of view.

And using another example of oppression as a defense against your own views on a subject, and then go saying "SEE? They're WORSE! Write THEM!" is a pretty poor argument. I would expect better from you.
That's the definition of the argumentum ad populum fallacy. I am fat. I am male. I am a geek. There seems to be all sorts of calls for fat acceptance for women, but where are the BBM lovers? Where's the acceptance of fat men? The standard of beauty men have to live up to is kind of absurd.
Cuz yeah....words like "LARDASS" aren't hate speech at all. I can't imagine why people would think you're a dick.
LARDASS. Now there's a kind and loving term.

Thanks for standing up against opression in general Dan, you're a real peach.

I've cheered for you on several occasions but on this, you're just wrong. It's wrong to use terms purely to shame people. You should know better.
Lot of big people out there without access to healthy food supplies cus they live in inner-city "food ghettos," where all you got is Circle K and Popeyes; they don't have the financial resources to join a gym; don't have public infrastructure such as parks and recreational facilities in their neighborhoods because of public divestment; haven't been properly educated on nutrition; are perpetuating this lifestyle through their children, who grow up eating Big Macs cus it's what's cheap and available. The high occurrence of "lardasses" in our culture is symptomatic of larger, society-wide economic trends. It's very hard for people to find their way out of such a deep and pervasive problem. People have no money, full-time jobs, kids, no resources with which to combat their weight problems. Developing a positive body image is a necessary defense mechanism. Rather than personalizing the issue, look at public health and urban planning policy in the US. Make those the target of your funny-guy jokes.
Paaleez.. you can afford to be a normal weight?? Go to the store and buy Lead Cuisines at a whoopin 1.50$.. thats cheaper then McDonalds.. to say that all people who are poor can afford is McD's is a bogus argument! HA!
Or buy two apples for the same cost.....
One: as a woman who has a physical condition that makes it difficult to loose weight, I'm really disappointed in the way this is being handled. There is a difference between being edgy, and being a total asshole.

Two: Thanks for lumping this "Jesus freak" in with assholes who don't like contraception. Pretty sure that the "inclusion, and acceptance" you preach is loosing credibility by the moment. Inclusion and acceptance mean just that. Not just inclusion and acceptance for people like you. (which, oddly makes you just like the people you fight against)

Not that you care, but you just lost a fan and follower. But it wouldn't matter cause I'm a fat Christian. I dont count. Whups.
It's times like these I wish people understood science and satire.
Why do people HAVE to want to be skinny for Pete's sake? I'm gay and my ideal lifestyle is sitting in a dark room, not exercising, eating fast food and playing video games. It's what I enjoy doing and if I got obese doing it I wouldn't care. Due to my genetics I'm skinny. But somehow people like Dan only have a problem with those who are "unsightly" to him. Perhaps I'm an exception to Savage's expectation that all gay men be shallow, sex-crazed gym junkies?

He talks about the health risks of being obese? Well being a promiscuous manwhore like he is has quite a few health risks of it's own (cough cough STDs cough). In the wise words of Dan himself "Don't worry kids, it get's better- unless you're obese- then my scrawny ass is going to bully you into adulthood because I don't like your lifestyle choices". What a fucking asshole.
Am I the only one who was horrified to learn that Plan B was not available in the States without a prescription? I'm also surprised to learn that it wasn't available over-the-counter in all of Canada before 2004. Bless whoever made it accessible earlier than that around these parts. I might have been a teen mom if not for it!
@3, @4, LARDASS is the acronym the letter writer gave herself, so there's no need to blame Dan for it.
@chicago girl, clearly your reading comprehension skills could use some work - he states at the beginning of the reply that he created the signoff: "I tried to create one that captured the spirit and tone of your letter, and I think I did pretty well. Too bad about the acronym, though, huh?"

Dan Savage, you are a revolting human, I hope you're aware of that. Your complete lack of compassion for anyone who isn't a white, cis man is evident with every foul word that comes out of your mouth. I really fail to see how the hatred you spread (with your transphobia, biphobia, acephobia, racism, fatshaming, sexist, and victim blaming - isn't it nice to know that rapists can count you amongst their supporters?) brings anything good into the world. Perhaps, Daniel, you could attempt to work on being kinder to others seeing as you like to think of yourself as some kind of human rights advocate. But as that seems unlikely, perhaps you could just try to shut your fucking mouth.
300-pound Brit here says Dan is right. Being okay with my weight doesn't magically mean potential health risks don't exist, and some guy you'll never meet having different taste in clothing than you do is not oppression. Fuck you, commenters above, for making me look like a dipshit by association.