Savage Love

Shocking Developments


My boyfriend and I saw amateur videos on xtube of e-stim and he decided to use his tens machine to experiment.
He loves cumming with it.
Recently I attached the sticky pads on his thighs (normally I connect it up to base of his penis and the bell end and he shoots loads of hot cum.
Now with it on his thighs and me giving him a good blow job i had a most wonderful combination of hot sticky pre cum and a mouthful of cum (nothing more satisfying in a mans mouth (and up his ass in a relationship).
come on guys try a tens machine out its great fun and safe but keep all pads away from the heart area of the body.
Andy West Midlands England
i have a tens m/c but cant seemto make it work can any one tell me
david in cheshire
I´ve been wondering about the ~$40 units I´ve seen advertised on the web. Are they useful at all? How long will they last(durability)? Do they have enough output?