What a Butt Needs


Wait, if he's the top, isn't he the common numerator?
Math jokes FTW. :-D
The guy in the first letter is a shining example of yet another stupid guy who actually BELIEVES that porn is real! Hey, guys, (not men because they know better) what you see on those porn films are filmed, mainly, FOR MEN, as in, you're not going to actually see a real sex act that a woman is going to enjoy because, golly, gee, that would be too realistic and boring, eh?
There needs to be a serious change in the porn that is cranked out for young, stupid guys. I'd recommend to this guy who wrote the letter that he watch lesbian porn that ONLY features women and not some dude lurking in the background. AND, I don't mean the sort of aggressive bullshit porn that is once again made for men.
It is almost impossible to find a sex act in heterosexual porn made for men that is realistic. You boys need to start being taught "how" to have sex instead of just thinking you can put your dry dick up someone's ass and then start fucking away. By the way, if you're wondering why alot of women don't like it, it's because there's nothing there to get a woman off.
Sweetie, even if you're having anal sex, you'd better be reaching around to stimulate that clit as well. ANY woman who claims to have an orgasm just from anal sex is lying and faking it. If a woman wants to "argue" that point then we can see a woman in denial. That's right, ladies, the world isn't going to end if you say you don't like something that men want you to do that gets them off and does little for you. Sure, there are a few nerves there but if you seriously think you're having an orgasm from anal sex then you've never actually HAD an orgasm in the first place. Some women don't know what an orgasm feels like because they've never had one. Even if you watch porn, the body language will tell you that the women aren't having orgasms.
Oh, wait, if you're so hell bent on having anal sex with a woman who is most likely doing it "just for you" then you most likely don't know how to get a woman off anyway so ignore the whole clit thing.
The gal in the letter above me is a shining example of yet another stupid galy who actually BELIEVES that porn is made by an alien race and that your anal cavities have no connection to the rest of your body.

Puuhhh, the first half was really hard to type without rolling on the floor laughing my ass off...