Buyer's Remorse


I remember vividly the suck that was this week. But I'm writing today from 11 days until Obama. There's been talk of time machines lately, and I'd like to go back to tell myself, 4 years ago, that I will in fact live through a second W. administration. Many, many people have not, but things are looking up.
I did have to laugh a little when Dan said "Iraq is a mess, the economy is a mess--the next four years are going to be an ugly shit storm. If Kerry had been in the White House, the Republicans and their media attack dogs would have pinned it all on the Dems. With Bush in the White House and the Rs still in control of Congress, they have no one to blame for the shit storm but themselves." because it almost sounded like he thought that when a Dem gets elected in four years from there that the Bush administration would have done something about any of that. Iraq was worse, Afganastan was a lot worse, the economy bottomed out and everything was a fucking shit storm. The only sense of victory is that Bush supporters are facing the same shit storm as everyone else. Oh, but they'll be glad to know when they loose their job and their house that at least the gays aren't getting married.