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The reason there is no ruckus is because no one is listening to Bridget Maher - nor should they be. She can open her mouth and fly her idiot flag and die with the obscurity that has always been her birthright. Mouths talk. And politicians and the religious right are, among other groups, just a bunch of mouths. Usually it doesn't come to much more than talk. When it does, we block it. When it slips through or we can't block it we take it to court and seize our rights back.

But straights, like gays, don't listen to the self-important mouths as they blather and just do as we please. When it becomes an issue we act, because otherwise you would spend your life dealing with these idiots and never getting anything else done.

Imagine if they passed a law against blowjobs? Might get a write up in the paper and derision from the public and several organizations like the Peoples Coalition for Blowjobs would appear and everyone would be happy with something to mouth at. Now let's suppose they started rounding up and imprisoning blowjob offenders. Suddenly Congress's phones are ringing off the hook, special recall elections are being looked into, and court cases are stacking up. And the next thing you know: blowjobs are legal again.

Your war is everyone's war. You don't have to be gay to believe in the Constitution and the fact that there are NO second class citizens in America. But usually you guys don't want our help - you want our money. Everyone, including the Peoples Assembly to Protect the Sanctity of Fellatio, want money so they can afford newsletters and advertising and 100 other ways to continue being a mouth. And this isn't a sex thing: AIDS, breast cancer, homeless, pet populations. Charities spend the lionshare of their revenue on either "overhead" or advertising. So they aren't really doing anything about the issue other than maintaining a glossy office to mouth off at it and occasionally fund a small study or something else productive. The real disheartening part is when the study's conclusion is written before the testing has even begun. So where does that leave us?

Here. In the place where we don't open our wallets anymore and we don't participate in mouth parades (for or against) and you conclude we don't care. Certainly some people don't care, certainly some people believe mouths like Bridget Maher, but most of us will gladly contribute as soon as we're contributing in a way that's perceived as being more than just adding to or subsidizing more hot air.
To the 26 year old enquiring about genital warts, here are the facts:
- 50% of people carry some form of the HPV virus. The fact that you both know she's got it makes her less of a risk, because you'll both make more of an effort to practice safe sex.
- If the condom happens to break/get lost/etc, transmission from a female to a male is less likely than the other way around!
- If you're unlucky enough to catch it, most people don't present the warts. A good immune system normally prevents that.
- If you're unlucky enough to show the warts 70% of people will have one outbreak only.
- Warts are easily treatable and there aren't any serious health implications for the majority. They're just embarrassing and unsightly.
- The virus remains in your system indefinitely but eventually your body does get rid of it.
- It's very very common and probably the least bad STI of all in circulation!

That's it, best of luck with your decision. =)