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You are doing something very similar to what people up to the 70s were doing dismissing homosexuality because there was "scientific data" linking it to pedophilia and other deviant behaviors. We know today that is not true but at the time all the buzz around such things just made the homosexual minority feel even more repressed if not truly guilty and ashamed.

Today, we enjoy an homosexual establishment and acceptance as never before, we are widely read and influential at all levels in society. Do we need to make statements to repress other minorities that to some extent (as homosexuality did in the past) threaten us?

Please, with the opportunity to be a creative, smart and widely read person and true opinionmaker, whether you want it or not, also comes a great responsibility. Use it wisely, u neednt be sterile and politically correct, just avoid crushing people whose invisibility is due to the perception people are disseminating in society taking highly discussed science where the jury is still so out and their very particular personal circle and experience.

wishing you the best,

Thirty three men does not a statistically valid study make.
Actually they just did an arousal study where they used pupil dialation to measure attraction instead of penises, so they could study men and women. Those bisexuals indicated arousal at sexy pictures of either gender.