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Porn Conundrum


I think I could be called one of those "good", "respectable" girls. I'm a Christian, I didn't date until college, I've had only one boyfriend but it was a long-term, serious relationship, and I'm still a virgin. Don't get me wrong, I'm a raging slut when it comes to my sex drive, but I don't just share that with anybody. My boyfriend, according to him, knew a good thing when he saw me and worked his ass off to win me over. What's my point? Dating a girl you respect takes work and dedication. Some girls are easy, but it seems like you can't respect that kind of girl. So stop messing around with them. You're wasting your time. And guys who screw around while waiting for something better leave a bad taste in my mouth. The type of girl you want to attract has probably written you off. I recommend patience, a little humility, and leading with the head on your neck rather than the head on your shaft. (Postscript: I am not fat or ugly. I did modeling as a teen and get hit on often. Girls like me are out there, we're just not throwing ourselves at guys in bars)
Sounds like Blonde doesn't have much brains.
"I'm a romantic guy, menstrual cycles don't bother me."

I'm glad he mentioned that, because I had been reading his letter and thinking, "Sounds like this guy hates menstruation."

It's not that she doesn't have much in the way of brains, it's that she's going to be very disappointed one day.

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