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Comments? There can be comments? You're the last word. You don't need no stinkin' comments.
Fred you're a stinkin' idiot.

and Jesus someone is a little bitter about the no gay marriage...just a little bitter, aye Dan?

come up to Massachusetts and get married and not so bitter. Love ya <3
This is the Dan Savage I know and love. It seems as though the last few weeks were becoming rather tame, and hence not as fun to read. I like reading about the sexual diversity that exists in the world as well as Dan's rants about homophobic marriage laws in the states.
I don't think he's bitter... I just think people from non-marriage states don't understand. yeah, go to massachussetts and then go back home and have the whole thing mean less than nothing to the home state... what choice is that?? My "wife" and i have talked about that and decided its not the way it should be so we're waiting.
*hugs Dan*
Wow, Dan. I understand that gay marriage is more than just your pet cause, in the same way that feminism is more than just a "cause" for women.

And the retards who are standing in the way of social progress should be shamed whenever possible.

But, you know who DOESN'T deserve to be the scapegoated for this injustice? A pregnant, terrified, and alone 18 year old girl who asked for your help. Asshole.
I had a thought last night... the redefinition of Santorum? Well, could the original be reasonably described as a slick a**hole?... Appropriate, no?

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