Savage Love



I'm a 50 something male, and I too share the cuckold fantasy involving my own wife.
I need a cuck couple
Fuck you thats not racist at all.
I for one think you are totally on the right path! I am a all american MWM and i LOVE and am PROUD to get on my knees and orally service that BBC in order for it to be ready to sexually "assault" my 5'2", 105lb, blue eyed blonde WIFE for the evening!! She absoolutely LOVES it and why shouldnt she?? Its huge,( 10+ inches long & almost 2" in diameter! vs. my 7.5 & 1 & 1/4" dia.) & last as long as she wants it to! AND it leaves me with one hell of a cream pie to clean up in the end! They keep teasing me that one of these days i'm gonna find out what its like to have it up my own ass!! (it goes in all 3 of her holes) when they do tease me about it the only thing i can do is ask "WHEN?" "HOW SOON?" "wHY NOT NOW?" and I cant wait to experience that! Me sharing my wifes huge black cock with her! WOW! I thought it was fun just sucking it and watching her get the hell fucked right out of her and now i'm impatiently waiting to get nailed by it myself!!!!!!!!!
The first time I ever encountered the concept of being voluntarily cuckolded was when I first read Kerouac's "On the Road". It initially struck me as strange but after I got married I re-visited the idea and decided it was very appealing. If my wife eventually consents to letting me watch her taking a big cock, I hope it will be a black one as, in addition to fulfilling my fantasy, this will assuage a little of my white guilt.
I still grin at Dan's use of the word "chifforobe" in this one.
Nice "Mockingbird" ref!

Bitch, you funny!