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I am having some of the same concerns. I am dating the love of my life. However recently I came home to find that he had used my dildo.he explained it as him experimenting, however he ended up using it a second time. In a later conversation he admitted he liked it. Sometimes while we are having phone sex he brings up fantasies that include me pegging him, and sometimes of another man. I am confused. Is he bi, is he just young and not had a lot of chances to experiment with his body? I realize him liking anal does not make him gay, but where does that leave me?
This is where it leaves you:
The love of your life likes stuff up, in, and around his ass. Understandably so.
And as you like things up in and around your pussy and surely ask for things to fill just those needs, he is simply exercising a similar, though less typical and socially acceptable, desire. If you love him, then love him up with understanding and mutual exploration.
The bit where he is hiding stuff (maybe?) from you is the part to be concerned about. But we all know what best solves that: some good old fashioned honest dialogue. "Are you bi? Have you explored your ass before? How do you feel about all of this?"
Just think, you might discover the joys of your boyfriend's asshole too.
Hi I have a straight guy friend who gets aroused by hot guys. He loves his girlfriend a lot. Is this a disease or is he a bisexual?
Hey, I used to hate it when I had a man doctor and he gave me the digital prostrate exam. But I have a woman doc now and that exam is even pleasureable.
All sex with my lover ended. I think it's because he doesn't see me as the type of person that wants to explore his needs. He and I still see eachother regularly (but no sex)and I am extremely attracted to him. He introduced me to this column, he constantly mentions being "probed", "greek", and basically having things shoved up his ass. I have always been an extremely sexual person, with the desire to branch out and try new things. Problem is my boyfriends have all been so vanilla- up until now. I find myself masturbating to the thought of pegging him. I even bought a vibrator for him...problem is our communication- besides casually discussing anal relating to other people- is nill. I feel extremely comfortable with him and now I am borderline obsessed with the thought of fucking him. When we were fucking- and I put my best finger forward (into his ass he referred to it as dirty. After the first time I fingered his ass he mentioned wanted more up in him and I cracked a joke- not realizing he was serious. So, to make up for it I tried to incorporate the finger into the ass each time we were in bed. Problem with that- I was inexperienced and was trying to wing it and I'm pretty sure I hurt him (nails, pulling out too fast. It was all new to me. We've since- rather he's ended all sexual contact. Now that I've read up on it I think I know the technical ins and outs...Now that I'm ready, willing and turned on he seems uninterested in me sexually and I wouldn't blame him if he was scared me putting anything near his ass after last time. He just introduced me to Savage Love- the pegging articles in paticular. Just the other day he quoted Dan Savage saying "every guy should be pegged at least once". Now it's all I can think about. I feel like that was my chance to tell him I want to fuck him but instead I froze. Because of our situation I'm not sure I can say- "Did you remember to bring the sun block- and oh yeah, when we get back to my place I'm going to lube up my strap on and fuck you."
Any suggestions on how I can not jeapardize our friendship and still relay that I want to fuck him? you think it's possible for a man that wants to be dominated by a woman to switch it up and take the lead? Just as much as I want to throw him down and take control I'd love it if he would order me around, spank me and somewhat humiliate me. Have you heard of many relationships where partners take turns?
I like how you called him/her (your angel) Worthless Buttslut...I have one too. I enjoy him to the fullest extent. I have a four, six, 8"twins, and a 12" plus a "Bob" penis and butt only that I use. While I'm penetrating his ass I keep him quite while he's sucking all or whose ever he wants. I take him to his own ManWhore Kingdom of his own will and desire. I've now begun to tighten his neck while fucking him watching him suck. He's hooked, always asking me to fuck him. He tells me his ass is wet, ready, and contracting. I treat him like a sweet little girl, say sweet nothings to him, and regard him as my beautiful queen with the most beautiful long legs I've ever seen. I love to open him up like my beautiful butterfly spreading his wings and letting me fly. I grab his ankles, suck his nimples, choke his neck and watch him turn into my swwwweeeet little bitch.
Reading all of these stories about women straping it on for their men makes me jealous! About three years ago I brought up the subject of just anal digitation: she does me since I really like anal stimulation. She was grossed out to say the least. And this from a nurse of ten years. Then about six months ago she walked in on me while I was masturbating with my anal vibe/dildo. She was angry; I was embarrased. We talked about it for awhile and the decision was to give it (anal stimulation) some time and distance and she would "enjoy" sharing my experience. I bought some lake front property in Kansas! Yesterday I told her that she is off the hook; I will purchase another vibe/dildo so I can masturbate "occasionally." To make a long story short if you wish to experience anal sex as a heterosexual man with a woman be honest with her and bring it up. It is best to bring it out in the open than trying to hide it for 25 years like I did!
I began taking it in the ass as a virgin, from my very experienced, former escort girlfriend, now a recently qualified C.P.A. Some people would say that how it happened was a form of coercion, even rape, since I was manoevered into consenting to being tied up - completely immobilized - by the promise of a 3 some that morphed into a surprise series of peggings with different dildos and objects that went on for about 2 hours and included the appearance of a stranger, my girlfriend's female lover. I think it was rape and my girlfriend sees the fact that I stayed with her despite it as a sign of my devotion to her. She kept me as a virgin for the next year, although she and her girlfriend used me at will for performing oral sex on them and for 'exploring' me with larger dildos, broomsticks, bananas, etc. When I was finally able to take my girlfriend's entire hand in my ass during an HD video session, she allowed me, on my back, to fuck her and her girlfriend, as a birthday present, on my 21st birthday. I am going to have to earn more fucking as well as my first blowjob, by picking to do 2 things on my girlfriend's list, a list that includes a penis piercing, performing a blowjob to completion on a friend of hers, auditioning as a male stripper, taking it up the ass from a man or going out in public as a drag queen with her for an evening at a male strip club on ladies night. Her female lover says it doesn't matter what I pick to do, I'll be doing the whole list sooner or later. I don't know what to do.
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