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Lez Be Friends


After reading all of Dan's archived columns in chronological order I decided to post some comments along the way. For some reason more recently I have found myself posting on almost every one. I like crafting these replies that will live in obscurity with maybe ten people reading them in the future. Regardless, I hope I am not boring you.

I am writing this time in reference to SOBHA. In my 19-year-marriage I had to protect my marriage from the affections of a lesbian. I say this with tongue in cheek because I never felt threatened by her. Partly because I knew my wife was seriously straight, partly because Katy was not my wife's type (just not pretty/girly enough). It also helped that Katy was upfront about her attraction with me. I was cool with it and we got along as well as a lesbian and a straight guy can.

As a side note, Katy was one of three lesbians in my life who have told me that they have never slept with a guy, but that if they did then they would want to sleep with me. Is that some line that lesbians say to all guys? I truly never hit on her or any of the others. I was always friendly and honest like I try to be with all people in my life. Lesbians are not on my fetish list and none of the offers came from women I found attractive, but it was a nice compliment, even if it's complete bullshit.

Anyway, while I was fine with it Katy's girlfriend on the other hand, was not and was not quiet about that either.

I would like to say to anyone in this situation to trust your instincts. If it smells like fish, it's probably not bologna.
I am beginning to find you a little tedious, yes. It took a few years worth of archives though, if that's reassuring at all?
You are beginning to grate somewhat, yes.
I can't really believe that SlimJim ever found someone willing to sleep with him.
Omg, yes! It is a comment page, not your own advice column. Besides, if it was I wouldn't read it. Long winded, know it all, pseudo intellectual ramblings of one who needs to get a life.
Unlike Isabellend it did not take me that long at all. Then again the first one I noticed was ignorantly and disgustingly passing the blame onto a rape victem who needed hospitalization, suggesting she might have avoided her trauma by using a safe word. That sort of soured me to any other two cents this guy has to offer up.

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