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Pervs and Prejudice


Dude in Seattle's roommate/friend is right to avoid an affair with a lady who is not only married, but a coworker. If he's so damned handsome and wonderful, he can probably find great sex and even love with people without those two HUGE entanglements. Avoiding the drama sounds smart to me.
"This has set a precedent that possession of any depiction of underage sex, including a scene in Neil Gaiman's Sandman sequence Doll's House and the entirety of Lost Girls by Allan Moore may be subject to jail time." sells "Lost Girls" (for the low low price of $29.70) and the sellers of child porn are even more liable than the possessors thereof. You really think would risk criminal penalties for the sake of a few more cents of profit on a relatively obscure non-bestseller?

The PROTECT Act gets around the First Amendment by requiring that the computer-generated or hand-drawn depiction of a child engaged in sexual activity be *obscene* (because the First Amendment does not protect obscenity) and lacking "serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value."
Dude in Seattle, major red flag alert, how do you know the woman's husband cut her off sexually? She told you? She told your friend? What type of a person tells co-workers and acquaintances such a thing? Survey says: DRAMA QUEEN. Your friend sounds wise to stay away from work/married/TMI dramachick.
Dan, you neglected to mention to FLAP a way to ease into ageplay. Schoolgirl scenerios are very commonly accepted and it's easy to attend or host a perfectly "normal" party with fun teacher/schoolgirl theme... You'll have your answer when the afterparty is over :)
Eek - disagree about the feet. It would be one thing if the non-kinked partner were being asked to just do something he/she doesn't have any preferences for or against. But if there's a bodypart a person decidedly does NOT want to be involved in sex, then I think the selfish person is the one who tries to insist on it. When the choice is between foregoing something pleasant and imposing something unpleasant on your partner, you're selfish if you choose the latter.
I was getting hot and heavy with a very young man of 20, who, just before actually having penetrative sex, wanted me to jerk him off using my feet. Yep, a one time sex encounter asked me to jerk his dick with my crusty dogs. I flat out told him, "you seriously don't want my feet touching your genitals because I've had a serious toenail fungus for months now." I showed him my blackened toe nails and he didn't seem bothered. No, thanks. I did tell him that he may want to learn how to actually have sex with a woman and lay off the foot porn because if he was only 20 then he's got a long, lonely road of not being able to connect with others sexually. Before anyone pipes up with the dreary "he just has a foot fetish and he'll find someone, blah, blah, blah" just remember that if a guy can't even entertain the notion of having sex with a woman without NEEDING his dick beat off with a foot and he's only 20, he IS limiting himself sexually AND alienating most of his partners. Who cares about the foot thing, it is the rigid "I can only get off THIS WAY" that is the issue.
I didn't have a second meeting with this guy because there wasn't any point. He wasn't prepared to just enjoy sex for the sake of being with another human being. Personally, I find it all very dull. How unimaginative do you have to be to HAVE to "church up" something that has so many variations of pleasure just in the act itself. People do like their dramas, that's for sure.
"I get a hum and a sigh and a half assed foot rub that he ends up hating and in turn makes my feet feel absolutely no better"

I guess your frequent, enthusiastic blowjobs done regularly were not enough to convince him to rub your feet afterwards or before. Hmm? What is that? You did not give him a BJ for every footrub?

Ahem. Well. I suppose he could just spend your money on sex workers to get them, right? No biggie.

You've managed to cobble together a scenario from nothing! WTF... There's not even a mention of this woman's sex life, just about her tired feet. Where in the world do you bitter little boys come from? Geesh! There's no need to project your piddly "problems" on to other people. Your post was really pitiful. If you're so sexually frustrated then try to get a life and STOP OBSESSING about what YOU want.
Let me guess, you nag EVERY girlfriend you've ever been with or maybe you are/were married and have managed to alienate your wife/partner/whomever by constantly nagging her for blowjobs. I'll bet you're also the sort of man who makes "jokes" about "a woman's place" in the world, all the while DEMANDING that every woman you meet "sucks your dick."
Yea, you've made yourself clear.
"DIS's friend doesn't seem gay. I would run for the hills, too, if a married co-worker reveals they haven't had sex for a year. Nothing worse than a horny co-worker that likes to share that information. And doesn't mind this information being shared with the universe.

This woman is doing the pursuing. Most woman don't do that kind of thing. Unless this DIS is very wealthy.

This is improbable but maybe DIS is being 'played'. Maybe she's got her 'soon to be ex-husband's' permission to start a relationship so they can take his money.

I've heard of this type of thing happening. Not saying this is what's going on with DIS but it would be wise of him to be on his guard."

Say what? ALL of the above is extremely doubtful....