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After the Fuct


Nice, Dan
Preference, I can understand. But aversion to foreskin?
Excellent advise on the balled up linens on the floor. Only a very foolish (or naive) host un-does those little gems....
Sorry UNCUT's so shy about his foreskin- I've never been put off by those babies. Wish I still had mine. Key note on the CLEAN and FRESH part, tho. A good foreskin's hard to beat, but pass on the cheese.
Great advice, I really like your guest etiquette though I am shocked people would be that selfish. Either way probably not great friends.

The last line for the escourt is perfect, I have tell many girls the same thing but with relation to one night stands. It shocks me how recusive this behavour is.
One advice about foreskin: I once knew a guy who didn't know that foreskin could be pulled all the way back for cleaning. So his cock was always immaculately clean, but under the foreskin was a forest of smeg. I implore UNCUT to not make the same mistake and clean under the foreskin. After that, he should be fine.
I want the first letter writer to have her boyfriend back. So sad. She's been a reckless, lying, delusional moron. Don't care. It's heartbreaking.
Great response to UNCUT, Dan. As a just-the-way-I-was-born guy, let me add that no girl has ever had a problem with my turtleneck (though I do take extra care to keep it squeaky clean).

Long live the foreskin!
I love uncut cocks. They way they feel, the way they taste, how sensitive they are. And I'm a lady-type girl. I think Dan's right--a lot of teenagers are insecure about sex in general, so they'll be super negative about anything they're unsure of, for whatever reason. I remember being super snarky about a college boyfriend who wanted to wear my panties. Now I think it's adorable.

P.S. Three grand? Out of the blue from some random dude on Craig's List? She may have lost her boyfriend, but she should start playing the lottery--girlfriend's got some serious odds-beatin' luck going there.
As a girl dating an uncut guy . . . he's the best lover I've ever had, and giving him oral is AWESOME because I don't have to cover him in unsexy slobber or (sugar-laden and thus yeast infection inducing) flavored lube to give a good blowjob. His extra sensitivity in the glans means he's extra sensitive to what I'M feeling! Girls: You gotta try it. And if it's smelly or gross? Tell them to wash!
Isn't the host usually doing the houseguest a favor? Stripping the bed is such an easy way to say thanks. Actually getting the linens into a washer, if possible, should be standard--especially if they have seen some action. Ditto for dirty dishes. And a useful hospitality gift (food, booze, etc.) never hurts.

Oh yeah, and not menstruating all over someone else's stuff. What? How is that not obvious?
How does HWTM know that the blood is from sex and not just from sleeping? I would *never* have menstrual sex in a guest bed, but I might have sex, then go to sleep, have my period start, and end up with messy sheets in the morning.
to UNCUT: don't even worry about it. well, i know that no matter what anyone says, you will worry, but here's what to do: don't announce before he sees your dick that "i hope you're okay with this, but i'm not circumcised, and i'm embarrassed by it." that just draws attention to the fact and draws attention to your insecurity about the fact, which is more attractive than anything. just act like being uncircumcised is completely normal. and if he has any questions or wonders about how it works, just show him. but pretend you're confident about it.
just make sure to keep it clean (wash it everyday in the shower).
chances are, he'll love it. or like it. but he won't hate it. i'm also uncut, and i've never had anyone express any fear or reticence about my dick. granted, i've (mostly) been with women, so our situation could be a little different. but there's never been a problem, and after awhile, they start to think it's fun to move your foreskin up and down (i've had several partners tell me this).
regarding that one girl's comment, like everyone else has said—she's just insecure or not very knowledgeable about sex. so to her, hearing about anything that slightly deviates from the norm kind of freaks her out. trust me, she wouldn't "abort" if she were really in that situation. she's be too in the moment.
okay, so maybe she might abort, but who cares? love your cock.
What adult woman doesn't know that when you start your period during the night and bleed all over the sheets (yours or a guest's) that you strip the bed, at least, and put them in the washer? Or at least rinse them in cold water so they don't stain! For Christ's sake, woman! Didn't your mother teach you how to take care of your sheets? Or are you a complete moron?
I'm a straight girl, and I don't mind an uncut penis, I just like penis, but PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN!!!
Female children (of many ages, admittedly) are freaked out by foreskin. I've never met a sexually mature person who disliked foreskin in a mate.

The one and ONLY thing I regret about meeting my soulmate is that he's circumcised, and I'll never have a chance to experience lovely, lovely foreskin-fuckin'!

Go get him, UNCUT!
UNCUT, if you're worried you can always just tell the guy that you would LOVE to exchange BJs. But you're a virgin and you're uncircumcised, and you weren't sure how he feels about that.

If he shies away, then he's an asshole, albeit a hot one, and still not worth a microsecond more of your time.
The letter from North is sooo fake. I can pretty much see the dude jerking off to writing it. How did you publish this Dan? It is obvious that some 40 something man bored with his life wrote you in between posting adds on craigslist about being a hot 20-nothing college girl looking to get gang banged.
Miss Manners recently addressed the issue of guest bedroom sex, too! Her (in my opinion, quite reasonable) ruling was that the permissibility of having sex "is conditional on [the guests] not making it known to others in the house, before, during or after the event." Sounds like HWTM's guests seriously violated that rule.

(The Miss Manners column:… )
Straight female here... I actually prefer uncut, as long as it is clean.
Many years ago, a sexually active couple stayed a few days with my girlfriend and me.

My gf and I had pet gerbils and frequently gave them the empty cardboard cores of toilet paper rolls. (They love to chew them up and run through them.)

I got up one morning, saw an empty toilet paper tube in the bathroom trash and gave it to the gerbils, thinking, "Oh, my friends don't know about our cute little practice of recycling the cardboard tubes this way."

Later, my gf asked, "Why are the gerbils playing with a condom?"
Am I the only one who was thinking that NORTH is a guy? It didn`t occur to me that the letter-writer might be female until I got to the comments.
NORTH sounds fake.
I wish all the pain and suffering imaginable upon NORTH because I am a guy who has been cheated on and it is quite literally the worst pain in existence. All the people calling troll are adorably naive of how many guys are out there who are seriously that desperate to fuck a decent looking girl. I bet you could find NORTH with a quick google search.

HWTM made me laugh like hell, though, because I've had this problem before. Friends would come over and drink, they'd stay the night because they were too sloshed to drive, 2 of them would shack up, and I'd come down to a sticky couch. Eventually I just had to tell them they weren't welcome to stay over anymore.
@17 -- Plenty of "sexually mature" people don't like foreskins, just as plenty of them do. Please don't make blatant generalizations that could make someone feel ashamed of their sexuality for NOT liking foreskin as much as they could for liking it.

And for what it's worth, I'm "sexually mature", and prefer circumcised men, mostly because, without exception, every uncut man I've ever been with has broken the condom. YMMV.
yeah, of course NORTH's a fake. She says she's been hooking again for already a year, "and then some guy offered me $3,000 to sleep with him". And what's the significance of that tidbit again? Or does she mean this was her first trick in the entire year? And how could such a hot babe who could pull a $3,000 trick be so hopelessly unemployed for so long and broke? Maybe, but if she was so hot, she'd likely either have her own income or the bf would be paying for her.
I want to say for the record that unlike UNCUT's one friend, I (a straight female) would not immediately abort oral, I would immediately thank god. Uncut cocks are the best.
@27 - you speak truth re. condom breaking. Best sex, worst day afterwards.
"As for any potential awkwardness after the fuct,"
Dan, I'm not sure how I feel about you in that Fruedian slip.
Having lived all my adult life in Europe, I'm completely mystified by this aversion to foreskins. For fucks sake, it's not some alien growth, its a natural part of male anatomy! Think how ridiculous it would sound to have someone be squeemish about earlobes, or how awful it sounds when men in other parts of the world reject women with labia.

Granted, I've never been with a cut man, so I guess there could be some advantage I'm missing out on, but I tend to doubt it. I really don't see how genital mutilation of babies can make sex more enjoyable. I guess I can see it as some sort of an esthetic preference, like some people like more muscular builds and others thin or others fat, though I'd personally categorize any esthetic preference that requires sharp cutting objects as a bit extreme for my taste.
Thank you, 20 (14thblackbird). It is high time there was a link on The Stranger to Miss Manners. She might seem to some to be on a different plant from the typical Savage Lover, but in fact they are on the same wavelength in many, many ways. And for God's sake, ditch that nasty Prudie. She is so, so wrong. I hope no one ever takes her fool advice.
Uhh, Dan, you mention that the whore's boyfriend is "at heightened risk of sexually transmitted infections." That is true, but perhaps more to the point he is at heightened risk of his girlfriend getting fucked by other guys! For any normal man that is just a non-starter. Next.
Puty (7), would you feel the same way if you found out your girlfriend was a whore?
I married a retired escort. Dan, your advice was spot on.
NORTH was pretty lame for an April Fool's joke. Come on Dan, you can do better!
Lynx, I moved to Europe as a virginal young thing too, and I also have no issues with foreskins.

Cut cock however... is really, really hot. Maybe it is just the novelty I guess. But, superhot.
@32: I live in Australia, and have never encountered anything remotely resembling the obsession with foreskins (discussing them, debating them, being grossed out by them, praising them to the skies) that exists in America. Why is it such an obsession, and moreover, why is it that more baby boys in your country have their foreskins sliced off than not? (This is a genuine question, does anybody know? There must be some historical reason.)

And I completely agree with the comparison to earlobes and labia. People, they're just a normal part of the body! Move on.
I agree with #24; I assumed NORTH was a dude until I read #7; now I'm not sure either way.

I suppose it doesn't really matter in the long run we have any way of knowing the writer's gender?
@RoseX, from what I know it started as a combination of a belief that circumcision leads to less infections and a belief that not having foreskins discouraged masturbation. You can find an overview here:…

After it became an established custom, parents started forcing it on their baby boys because of social pressures. People with irrational disgust for natural men exist, but I doubt there are remotely as many people with an irrational disgust for circumcised men.

Noteworthy however is that according to that wiki link, up to 32% of Aussie men are circumcised, so its not quite a mutilation-free zone.
@ 27 and 30,
It could be that, since being circumcised used to be a rule and being intact was an exception, those men had nowhere to learn how to put on condom properly if you have foreskin. The trick is to pull back the foreskin before putting on condom. Next time maybe you can put it on for him, in case he doesn't know this?

@ 39,
I suspect it had something to do with curbing masturbation in young boys... nothing easier than sliding your foreskin up and down.
N.O.R.T.H. sounds even more hack with that token $3,000 'Pretty Woman' reference going on. I thought it sounded like a guy, too. You pick that one out of the presumably hundreds of submitted questions weekly? What's that all about? :)
Dan, you nailed it with that past one in particular. Great advice. Thanks for the good reads once again.
First gal needs to get her shit together. What, she didn't think that would end badly?

39: " why is it that more baby boys in your country have their foreskins sliced off than not?"

Because this country is fucked up, that is why.

If we were chopping up female babies' junk like that, there would be rallies at every college campus, with tear-soaked testimonies from young women blaming all manner of sexual and emotional dysfunction on the patriarchy that mutilated their bodies without consent.

And you know what? Those women would be right to be pissed. Who the fuck would we be to presume to cut their junk without consent?

But boys? Meh. We treat them like disposable kleenex any way.

And yes, I am aware that Jews follow this barbaric ritual as part of their relgion. I don't give shit; I would outlaw it just like I we outlaw female genital mutiliation without regard to religious tradition.

Seriously people, just because it is common does not mean it is sane, ethical or acceptable. Leave people's bodies--especially their genitals--alone unless you have permission from them and they are an adult. If that is true for sex, it would seem to be absolutely vital when talking about cosmetic surgery.
If you rule out foreskin, you are basically ruling out all of the hot dudes in Europe.

Jus' Sayin'
And who's to say that UNCUT's hot prospect is circumcised?
Giving the house guest the benefit of the doubt, it is possible that having sex stimulated the start of her period or caused spotting after she thought it was over(like the Sex and the City episode where Samantha gets her monthly visitor on her date's expensive sheets). You can't always prevent messy sheets and accidents do happen (even if you put a towel down).

That said, it's the guest's responsibility to leave things as they were found. The guest should have cleaned the sheets immediately.

I think Dan's guess about shame and denial setting in sounds about right. What's done is done, though, so maybe just don't invite them back as houseguests? I'm sure they will know why.
I am a gay guy and I agree with all the above responses to UNCUT. I personally have a fetish for intact dicks. Your hottie friend might take one look at your foreskin and get boned right away. In any case, it's highly unlikely that he'll be that put off by it. Good luck!
#42, you're 100% correct. My boyfriend is uncut and before we switched birth control methods, we used condoms. He always pulled back his foreskin when he put it on, and never once did it break. We tested this method many, many, many times.

And uncut guys with dirty cocks? Seriously? My understanding was that it's pretty uncomfortable for a guy who doesn't keep clean. And surely their fathers are supposed to show them how to keep themselves clean???
@42: Although to note, my BF says he can't pull it all back or it's uncomfortable inside the condom. Yes, he's uncut, has impeccable genital hygiene, and we've never had any problems with condoms. And blowjobs are awesome.

So, UNCUT ... just fucking own it. If anybody else ever makes a remark like that, push back. It's remarkably easy.

@32: EXACTLY. I can understand aesthetic preference, but only to an extent. That said, I would never make any man feel bad about his cut or uncut junk -- that's just so sad. Cocks should be celebrated and loved.
@50: Since traditionally circumcision was the rule, it's pretty likely a lot of dads just didn't know anything about foreskin upkeep because they didn't need to themselves.

Also, do not underestimate the power of sheer squeamishness.
I'm female and I LOVE uncircumcised cock! It's my favorite kind of penis. ;-)
NORTH is fake, probably one of the many sex-neg folks who try to get Dan to say discouraging things against some particular sex act.

As to UNCUT, you own a magical key that unlocks lots of pairs of pants in America.
Good advice for the uncut guy. As an uncut guy with a preference for other uncut guys, I would strongly recommend that UNCUT remember to pull his foreskin back and keep it clean underneath.

And avoid taking uncut-related advice from most straight women. Most American guys are cut today because of the mistaken belief -- promoted in the late 1800s and up until the 1970s -- that cut dicks are inherently cleaner and less prone to disease. Also, because many American guys who are uncut have dads who are cut, they were never taught how to clean properly, unlike in countries where most guys are uncut. These two factors have resulted in a widespread aversion to uncut dicks among straight women.

But having lived for an extended period of time in a predominantly uncut country (i.e. China) and also here in the States, I can say that I've actually found most uncut guys to be a lot cleaner in that area than cut guys, having encountered a lot of funny smells down there from guys who are cut. I think it's because they assume that being cut makes them clean, so they don't have to be meticulous about scrubbing and using soap.
And another thing: My experience confirms what Dan said that a lot of gay guys consider uncut dicks to be a huge turn-on. In fact, when I was in the Midwest, my being uncut alone got me laid...
I'm a 22-year-old woman from Vancouver and I've had a bunch of uncircumcised partners who were all excellent about hygiene, as they were aware of the elevated risk of having a foreskin (more bacteria gets trapped after sex, so there is a higher risk of disease from unprotected sex- not a big worry if you practice safer sex and wash up afterward). I don't understand women who find it gross- cut and uncut look pretty much the same when they're hard and as the female partner you can't feel a difference.
I agree UNCUT should not worry about it and keep it clean.

As to potential discomfort down the road with this gentleman, that is a risk he just has to take. Bottom line is we can't avoid individuals who act idiotic/cold/asshole-ish because they don't have the integrity to be honest and upfront. They exist in all arenas of life and they have the misguided idea that being a "dick" is the best way to sever contact/relationship/friendship/romance. Rejection is part of life and there is no moral obligation to not reject someone, although, I think there is a moral obligation to do it honestly and with integrity.

Here is wishing UNCUT luck and that it works out amicably. And, if the gentleman acts like a "dick" take Dan's advice, and rise above it.
I get the feeling that the 1st letter is really some sort of April Fools' Day fake/prank/joke letter. I mean, this edition does hit the 'news stands' on the 1st, even if it was put up on line a couple days in advance. A 2 year relationship, and a year into it she has to start escorting again because she was fired from her job and couldn't find anything. She was happy to stay at home waiting on a bf and do anything and everything to keep him happy, but they haven't 'moved in together' yet. The staying at home took its toll, and she couldn't support herself, so some guy during this year of escorting offers her $3,000 to sleep with him and the bf finds out and breaks up with her 'yesterday'. I'm calling Shenanigans on this one.
I wish still had my foreskin. It was taken from me when I was only a day old.

Sad that a form of genital mutilation (however mild) is still legally performed on infants ... and done so as a norm in this country.

Also, I kinda feel bad for NORTH, but that was a nasty betrayal. Yes, you're human. Yes, it was a lot of money. No, don't do it if you love the guy.
NORTH doesn't sound fake to me. If she's telling the truth, she is literally a lying, cheating, whore who is trying to rationalize her bad behavior, which is entirely plausible given that there are in fact a few lying, cheating, whores who is try to rationalize their bad behavior out there in the world.

Dan's response was too nice. He should have told her that she is literally a lying, cheating, whore who can stop being "disgusted with the person she is" by stop being a disgusting person by cutting out the lying and cheating (if she can do that, there's really nothing wrong with the whoring.)
Gotta say I'm not really seeing any proof here that women are by and large irrational about uncut dicks. If so many women were like that, you'd think there'd be some representation of it in the comments causing a debate.
@59 - Agreed, NORTH sounds fake and the story doesn't make sense. Why didn't she just blackmail her BF with "If you don't support me I'll have to start escort work again"? or even "We could both be living high on the hog as long as you don't mind my running around on the side all the time."

I'm envious though - $3,000 for a one-night stand? That's a lot more than I make at my day job. I think that's pretty much my net take-home pay for the month.
#62, this is the wrong forum for women who are assholes about uncut cocks. Go over the comments section at Dear Prudence; the women over there are horribly judgmental bitches when it comes to circumcision. Once I dared to state that uncircumcised cocks aren't icky and women should loosen up, and they jumped ALL OVER me and said I was some militant fucking anti-circumcision nutjob. I had stated this as a reply to a woman who wrote "Not circumcised? Eeeewww." Those uptight bitches, sadly, do exist (but only in America!)
About the horrid houseguests... since we all agree most folks would do their best to clean up the mess, perhaps these social retards left the mess on purpose? Maybe, in their attention-seeking way, they felt leaving evidence made them edgy and cool. "We had sex in your bed while she was on the rag. Aren't we CRAZY???"
@50 - I can guarantee you there are PLENTY of guys who maintain a skanky uncut cock. My personal experience says they are also the ones who are absolutely blind to dirt on the kitchen counter and toothpaste scuz in the sink...

As for why so many Americans are circumcized, we are a puritanical group of religious fundamentalists. All us Mormon boys were circumsized because we considered ourselves the New World Chosen People, and God said to cut it off (see the Bible refs)....
Actually, for oral...cut dick is missing something! The foreskin is one more thing to play with. Enjoy it, many men envy you. Most men I've been with are uncut, as am I. I prefer uncut...because something is just missing with cut cok.
I thought the first letter was phony before I was half-way through the first paragraph. Glad to know I'm in such good company, SLOGGERS!
I've noticed a lot of "Uncut is cool just make sure you keep it CLEAN!!!" type of comments and just for the record, as a very oral bisexual guy, I've experienced way vaginal smegma than uncut penis smegma. It's not even close. You know that white stuff that inevitably gets in between the labia? That's smegma, and guess what, it's not a big deal at all. Just wipe it off and you're good to go.
@62: "Gotta say I'm not really seeing any proof here that women are by and large irrational about uncut dicks. If so many women were like that, you'd think there'd be some representation of it in the comments causing a debate."

This site is populated by sexually open minded folks. Go to a sorority house sometime and ask around. Trust me, many immature American women have ick-sues with foreskin.
@62 I agree with every statement about why women here are cool with it and think about it, if people still didn't have an "ewwww" factor then it would be done almost a million times in this country every year.
"I was so in love with this guy that I didn't mind staying at home waiting for him all day"...

.... Maybe NORTH should get a job during the day making money in another occupation (if she feels uncomfortable with escorting) instead of just waiting for her lover all day? That might help a bit with the financial situation.
I'm American, and female, and had a fling with a man who was uncut. I thought it was fun! There was no problem with cleanliness, and I thought of it as something novel, different and yeah, one more thing to play with. I still have fond memories. Now granted, I was in my 30's which I guess does not qualify as "young" so maybe that had something to do with it.
I'm a lady girl myself, and I was married to an uncut European with whom I had freaky--and oral--sex for several years. There were many things that contributed to the end of that marriage but his foreskin was most definitely not among them.

But enough about that. I'm still working through the whole "my house guests left me with bloody come-stained sheets." That is just...that is just WRONG. I had a housesitter once who left my sheets in decent condition but also left a bag o' condoms on my nightstand and he was not invited back. It was just Too Much Information.
@62: You're not looking in the right places. I've been on other sites (pretty much anywhere that isn't Slog) where there were plenty of women who could publicly announce they would refuse to sleep with a man because of his uncut member, that they'd make sure that their son "looked like his father" (ew?), that uncut cocks were "ugly", etc. Literally, yes, "ugly." Some engaged in what I hope was hyperbole by saying uncut cocks made them want to barf. Yeah, very nice.

Lots of them also had complete blind spots when it came to comparing male circumcision to female circumcision -- just because men tend to retain plenty of healthy sexual sensation. The point was that it is, any way you look at it, not medically necessary in most cases, and borne only out of dated cultural beliefs.

Not to say there weren't also healthy amounts of women disagreeing, but rest assured, it is not a done debate, at least in North America.
You can ASK, HWTM, but if your guests are inconsiderate enough to keep you awake while they're staying in your home and then leave you a mess without offering to replace or at least wash the sheets, I'm willing to bet they're not going to replace them now just because you ask.

I'm also willing to bet that for every girl with a "wouldn't hit it"-level aversion to foreskins, there's a boy with a "wouldn't hit it"-level aversion to female pubic hair. Of course, we girls have it a little easier in that we can always grow it back when we meet a more open-minded man.
You can ASK, HWTM, but if your guests are inconsiderate enough to keep you awake while they're staying in your home and then leave you a mess without offering to replace or at least wash the sheets, I'm willing to bet they're not going to replace them now just because you ask.

I'm also willing to bet that for every girl with a "wouldn't hit it"-level aversion to foreskins, there's a boy with a "wouldn't hit it"-level aversion to female pubic hair. Of course, we girls have it a little easier in that we can always grow it back when we meet a more open-minded man.
Oh, and I'm going to echo the comments that say it's possible the female guest might have just accidentally ... perioded ... on the sheets through the night, and it was not necessarily "period sex."

Still. I figure, if you're close enough with someone to stay at their house AND feel comfortable enough to fuck there, you're close enough to admit you were a couple of adults who forgot their manners or had an accident, offer to replace the sheets or at least help throw them out, and laugh the whole thing off.
You can ASK, HWTM, but if your guests are inconsiderate enough to keep you awake while they're staying in your home and then leave you a mess without offering to replace or at least wash the sheets, I'm willing to bet they're not going to replace them now just because you ask.

I'm also willing to bet that for every girl with a "wouldn't hit it"-level aversion to foreskins, there's a boy with a "wouldn't hit it"-level aversion to female pubic hair. Of course, we girls have it a little easier in that we can always grow it back when we meet a more open-minded man.
@79 Of course being able to grow it back is the key issue (and of course the difference between shaving and surgery, loss of sensation, possibility of castration, death, etc.). If you were just able to grow your foreskin back when you wanted to then it wouldn't be much of an issue at all.
That sheets letter is DISGUSTING. I can't imagine how anyone would ever find that ok... I wouldn't even do that to my OWN bedsheets, much less a host's. ugh. If it were me, I'd send the closer friend a polite but direct email about replacing the sheets, especially if they were expensive.

But your response has made me wonder about something that I've actually been wondering about for a while... How common is it to put a towel down in one's own bed before sex? It's simply a regular habit for my boyfriend and I, as the feel of towel under my/his but/legs is much more preferable to the chance of getting a wet spot on the sheets. Throwing that towel in the hamper afterward and then laying down on still-clean sheets just seems way more logical to us. Are we weird?
I'm a 23 yo female and I just want to put it out there for UNCUT that uncut cocks are the best kind of cocks. His friend is inexperienced and full of shit. Obviously she's never sucked an uncut cock, duh.
@ 75
"Lots of them also had complete blind spots when it came to comparing male circumcision to female circumcision -- just because men tend to retain plenty of healthy sexual sensation."

I have an idea - let's not compare it with female circumcision, which is commonly understood as removal of clitoris, but with cutting off labia minora. They have smegma collect in their folds just like foreskin, they can grow pretty long and many boys will hate that just like many girls will hate foreskin, and they are not that crucial in sexual arousal so girls can go without them pretty easily just like boys can go without foreskin. And the recovery will be about as painful because of their proximity to pee hole, so salty urine will irritate fresh wound just like it irritates the wound on freshly circumcised boys.

So, how about cutting off the labia of seven day old baby girls for no medical reason whatsoever? Civilized, huh?
Ugh. (Straight) ladies, if you don't know how to a) LAY DOWN A DAMN TOWEL and/or at least throw some cold water on sheets if you stain 'em and b) get over any completely silly hangups that you might have about a man's cock (with the exception of cleanliness), then you need to grow the fuck up.
@83: Yeah ... I learned about female circumcision in a class where they did teach the various different kinds, so I'm not one of the people who automatically thinks "chopped clitoris." And I forget that IS the common perception.

How about labioplasty? It may not be "cutting off" the labia but its surgical modification still carries risks of reducing or harming sexual sensation.

@81: It IS more logical. We don't do it because we're lazy and just haven't made a habit of it. So don't feel weird.
Plus, there's too many details with that first one, the North lady. The one about the Menses towels: it is amazing the lack of etiqutte or respect some people can have when staying over someone else's house. I'd frickin' wash AND dry the bedding or towels as a courtesy; in the early a.m. before the hosts or hostesses wake up. And the virgin guy with his dreamboat b.j. prospect: as long as they're both as upfront as possible, why not? Although I'm with whoever mentioned that there should be at least mutual b.j. action going on. That first one is definitely a semi-April Fool's wind-up. It is that time of year again, innit?
Stupid women like UNCUT's friend are 90% of the reason for the abhorrent, insane, and brutal custom of chopping off the tips of baby boy's penises. "Eww, grosss! I just think circumcized penises look better! I think I'll mutilate my baby's dick." The other 10% is religion, don't get me started on that one.
@ 87: It *is* pretty f'in stupid that circumcision happens at all. I myself am cut, and, to be honest, aesthetically-speaking I prefer a cut cock to an uncut one, but that's just me. I kinda wish I wasn't circumcised though. I always hear how much greater the sensation is still having the foreskin.
@83 I think the same thing goes for labioplasty. Especially considering that the one and only reason I've ever heard for doing it is to make sure that their daughter's genitals look "normal." Plus, any sort of surgery is going to carry risks so unless it's absolutely necessary all surgical decisions (especially cosmetic ones) should be left up to the individual. Of course I think I'm preaching to the choir here.
Yup yup just another HELLZ YES to the uncircumsized penises of the world!
I enjoyed the attentions of an escort, and she told me her dream was to start her own service. She wasn't old from my perspective (early 30's) but getting old in escort years, and she wanted to settle down, as it were.

She told me the first thing she'd check w/ new girls are their bfs. Apparently, they're the biggest fuck-up to any escort's career, if they're not totally, 100% on board w/ the idea. If some jealous fuckwad can always call the cops on you, it's a rather important point to consider. She told me she'd interview the guys, and also keep an eye on the single girls, if they ever get hooked up.

I don't know if NORTH is fake or not, but the issue is an important one in the lives of escorts.

(And best of luck to that enterprising escort out there! Keep your dreams alive!)
@23- first LOL moment for me all day.
@24- me too.
To UNCUT, I'm a 27 yo uncut very cool gay dude and I have never ever ran into a problem. It is in fact true that many gay guys like it, I mean REALLY like it. I was insecure about it too in my younger years, but that will dissolve for you. May your uncut cock have many years of man worhip ahead.;)

To HWTM, I would most definitely confront those friends of yours. YOu had to clean it up, who cares if they are embarrased by the confrontation. Yeesh. I doubt you would have cared as much if they came to you with their problem and offered to resolve the issue by replacing the sheets and cleaning up their mess, before they left.
Could all three letters be April Fools' jokes?
If I had a sex-advice column, I don't know that I'd be able to resist.
The idea of cleaning my cum stains probably wouldn't cross my mind. But I wouldn't mind cum stains from my guests either. After they have left, you clean the sheets anyway, so I don't see the problem.
@ 85 & 89
Wait, what? Do parents actually do that? I only said that as a hypothetical situation, I had no idea people would really do that.
NORTH - You're an idiot.

HWTM - They are rude. Once the blood dries it takes forever to get out of the sheets. I'd just ask them to dry clean them for you because if it were me, I'd have better things to do than to try to get dried blood out of my sheets. And I would never let them stay there again. What they did is bloody rude (pardon the pun). I wouldn't care less about cum stains, but I would about that.

UNCUT - I've never seen a penis that has been circumcised. So I probably would be a bit weirded out if I saw one because I have no idea what that would even look like! So I doubt people are going to have a problem with a normal penis, foreskin and all. I have no idea what that woman is talking about. The foreskin does not make oral sex gross.

Just act like an adult if things to get messy and it'll be fine. People always side with the mature one if 2 people aren't getting along.
P.S. I looked up labiaplasty and found this... Comments are unbelievable, I guess there is no way to make a blind man/woman see.…
@39 actually it's about 50/50 at this point and hopefully soon it will be less! I am an american who prefers foreskin and I would never ever consider circumsizing a child of mine. I agree with those folks who say it's like an ear lobe or labia!

Bi-curious chick here- DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! People have their own preferences of course...but damnit, CLEAN cock (cut or uncut)...let me at it! LOL

Now, if you don't keep good hygene, it don't matter if you're cut or not. Most girls (and guys I imagine) won't want anything to do with it, and I have to wonder about the ones that do.
I'm cut, and from what I hear I'm kind of glad- If my circumcision reduces my sexual pleasure as much as people claim, it is a good thing I'm circumcised, otherwise I'd die of pleasure overload during sex. I don't know what I'll do when/if I have a son- I'm the 2nd generation of my family to be circumcised- my dad wasn't cut until he was in his 20's- to relieve acute phimosis.
There is evidence that uncircumcised men are more prone to HIV infections and STDs and there is actual effort in Africa to get more men circumcised to stem diseases. So there are medical benefits to circumcision.
I bled on some sheets as a guest, just sleeping, not sex; and when I got up and found the mess I promptly:

Stripped the bed
Treated the bedding with Zout
Washed the lot in cold water

Plain white sheets stayed plain white. Even the mattress pad was fine.

It was a bit embarrassing to ask my hostess where the Zout was, and explaining why I needed to wash the sheets the day after arrival (Less so than having her think I was a neat freak who felt she didn't clean properly though!). Menstruation happens to people, sex happens too; both are also perfectly natural, both might need cleaning up after. Just do it!

So for goodness sake, do NOT wrap the sheets etc. up in little balls. Treat them and wash them, it isn't that difficult. Balling them up simply lets the blood set and makes it more likely to stain.

And if you do ruin some sheets, then replacing them is considerate.