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Poster #1: Yes, it is dishonest to present yourself as single when you're not. Because you're deliberately withholding something to get them to sleep with you, and that is disrespectful. Even if it's "just a fuck," that still doesn't get you off the hook re: doing the ethical thing. We are all still human beings after all.

You don't need to leave your wedding ring on, bu a simple "we're married but open," will suffice. And if someone has a problem with that, they're probably not worth sleeping with.

Also Dan, "most gay couples are not monogamous?" Can we not make blanket generalizations like that?
I think I agree with Ms Sissou, but can't read whatever in 176 is after the jump. (Tomorrow I probably find out what is wrong with the computer, but will have to get it fixed at a later time. I'm amazed I haven't done myself in yet.)
Keen to hear your 2cents worth, Hunter.
Agree- the tone is strange. Not a lot of love energy comes thru. Hence the word
" Petulant" as used by Helenka above seems a good description to me.
Not sure about how or when or where he does his self touching- not sure that's really an issue? One assumes they are not together 24/7.

Not sure why some posters including women are so down on WTF. The verb admitted is odd, because hiding masturbation from your spouse is odd. I found the unflattering conclusions about WTF odd. She doesn't talk about anything she's done wrong. Her feelings no matter what they are, are not wrong. She seems uncomfortable or confused about how to deal with her feelings.

@213 not a lot of love=petulant?
Well, SOUND, speaking as one of those old farts whom you seem to think would be horrified, shocked and appalled if they heard you doing the deed: hate to tell you, bud, but it just gets better. You think you're having a good time now? Wait until you're in your 60s.

This afternoon, I looked at my partner, grinned, and said "The neighbours must be happy now the cold weather's here and the windows are closed." He said "Nah, they've probably been taking notes all summer."

Seriously, buddy, how condescending and ageist can you get? Your neighbours have had way more sex over the years than you.
Philo; Her tone was petulant and didn't seem very loving. Don't see why as a Woman I can't say how I read this girls questions. No ; her feelings are not wrong..
She asked how to get her GGG back.
You need to get the fecal transplant from your immediately family, because you need intestinal flora that is compatible with that of which you lost.You and your siblings grew up with the same bacteria in the environment, and that is what is resident in your gut. Using bacteria from an unrelated person, will not take hold, because they have a different genetic stain (there are millions or variations). That means if you are taking the butt toy method (highly doubtful) you would have to borrow the used toys from your brother or sister - probably something quite awkward for even the most open minded of us....
@216 I wouldn't call it petulant or childish for her to not be feeling into him. Not sure why I would expect more guys to say that- it sounds bigoted to me now. Sorry.