Text from South Lake Union

The Basketball Court at Denny and Ninth


yeah, so? and your books suck. so what's your point?
Sounds like #1 has a case of butthurt over being a crappy basketball player.
Why does anyone ever pay any attention to Sherman. He's like a less interesting version of Andy Rooney.
That picture is genius.
The real hoops outside have always been at Green Lake. And the best games are inside at the community centers in the Rainier Valley. 9th and Denny has always sucked.

That picture is a classic "basketball is about jumping really high, so I just jump really high in random places for no reason." This is how software engineers play basketball.
Haha I've hooped there before and couldn't agree more with this article!
Nailed pick up bb in the NW.
White guys, fat chicks and midgets are the only things left in this country to make fun of without being labeled an insensitive bigot. The shitty writers of The Stranger, with their white liberal guilt, have capitalized on the former, as Lindy West bit off the self-promoting head of Dan Savage for commenting on one of the latter.
"I have seen games where teams of eight play teams of seven, making me worry it's a white-boy version of that basketball-like Aztec game where the losing team is ritually slaughtered."

Sounds like fun! Now I know where to go play basketball in Seattle ^-^
As always you are looking in and writing about other people, creating caricatures instead of characters. You remind me of a Tyler Perry, creating negative stereotypes out of what you see. Please, move on your literary 15 minutes are up.