We Saw You Puking on Rainier, Bragging Outside Kremwerk, and Day Drinking in Ballard

Stranger Staffers Were There As It Happened


Some of these are entertaining (I feel for green vomit girl). Others are down right dull.
Was the guy with the RC car a "manchild" simply because he had an RC car? That seems pretty lame.
I have to feel like plenty of people with or without RC cars don't drunkenly and awkwardly brag about them outside chill clubs and therefore are less of man-children.
There's a shady side of Uwajimaya?!

Also, "Lost in the Amazon" - wow. Slow news day?
We saw you inside the The Stranger offices trying hard to make this city seem less boring by writing this lame column. It's not working.
Honestly this nicely sums up what seems wrong with the Stranger now adays. Not only is this new column(seriously, who would ever continue to feel so lonely as a writer as to continue this drivel) just purely boring, a sin in writing, but the horribly solopsistic way in which the writer sees the world is only vaguely more deep than the way the avergage texas republican would see Seattle: confusing their own self hatred for all that makes up the souls of the people surrounding them. This stuff is pathetic.
Erm. I'm OK with this column, but it's no Last Days. I'll bet you could find better jokes to fill those column-inches.

But on a non-joking note: I hope you were on the phone dialing 911 with the drunk's plate number before they got out of sight. If not, perhaps it is YOU who are the asshole. 'Cause that's a thing you can do when you see a drunk driver, and you'd like them not to kill someone.
BTW, my "erm" was intended to be a non-committal muttering, not a response to ermy, whose handle I didn't notice until after posting.
"We saw you writing boring filler, instead of an interesting weekly round up notable/weird news."
Oh the joys Velleman kits on the days you remembered to leave your smart phone at home!

Chapter 1 verse 2 of the book: So you wanna be a journalist? How to abuse the very first amendment to Our Constitution while simultaneously forfeiting your own rights to a private life by illegally invading those rights of others while bi-simultaneously doubling your not-deserved rights by publishing via anonymity