Dear apartment neighbors: My boyfriend and I were looking forward to finally hosting some friends in our home and having the opportunity to meet our neighbors at our housewarming party. I hand-wrote invitations for each of the five units in our building and delivered them in person when possible. Sadly (and gladly), the people living directly above us were out of town, but the people living two floors above were able to come by and say hello and hang out. This morning, I found a note on my car saying, "The next time you want to have an all-night party*, please remember you live in a building with other people trying to sleep. THANKS!" The note was fair enough. If you don't have the confidence or energy to speak up about the noise or meet us in person, fine. The real heartbreaker was the fact that you also tore the invitation into tiny pieces and scattered it over the roof of my car. Nice to meet you, too!

* Note that the party ended around 1:30 a.m. Sorry to disrupt your bedtime for a one-time event on a Saturday night. We don't even share walls with you, and thank goodness for that.