Worn Out

Purple Mark's Amazing Technicolor Existence


His chocolate making-skills are excellent! There's a good chance he's got some of his most recent batch with him on any given day, which he's happy to gift to friends.

Also: He's a smart and witty person. I <3 Purple Mark.
Agree about the chocolate. Also, velvet is back in fashion this season, but with Purple Mark it never goes out of season!
Purple is also one of the most friendly people on Capitol Hill. I vote him best and brightest neighbor of the year. I'm fortunate to have known him for the past two decades.
he is a lovely angel.
Purple Mark is the man.
I don't know him, only from years of passing by him on the street. But I love that when I see him walking my direction, I know I can always count on giving and getting a smile. He's a gift.
You know what is really fucking annoying?

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I moved here 20 years ago, and I have always enjoyed seeing him around town.
I've lived on the Hill for almost 20 years, and I never knew his name. He always brings a smile to my face, no matter how tough the day's been.

A while back, my mother came for a visit. While showing her around Broadway, Purple Mark passed us and my mom -- a somewhat conservative resident of Central California -- did her best not to stare, but you could tell she was. I just smiled and said, "Remember me saying that Capitol Hill was a colorful neighborhood? You thought it was just a figure of speech, didn't you."
I love this guy. I've never met him and I've always been too shy to introduce myself but I see him walking Capitol Hill all the time and his presence always gives me a little joy.
The world needs more Purple Marks. I'd like to live in a whole city of him.
@9 love that story! I described him once to my mum and a few months later I got a text saying she'd just seen him on the sidewalk and was as glorious as described! Love mom, Love Mark!
A few years ago on Halloween day I saw him walking down Broadway dressed as Gandalf (giant gnarled wooden staff and everything), with the autumn breeze swirling his white robes and snow-white beard around. It was fucking breathtaking.
He brightens my day when I see him. I've never actually had a chance to talk to him though. I'm shockingly shy until you say something Republican at me.
#15 - That is a great video.
Purple Mark embodies what i love about the hill...and he is a very nice person with a great laugh...and yes, he makes killer chocolates!
I remember 15+ years ago I was visiting Seattle with my parents and we saw this guy. Whenever I thought of Seattle I had a memory of the purple guy. Then a couple years ago I moved here and passed him by. I was surprised that nothing had changed!
when i met him years ago i asked him 'why' and he told me he'd been struck by lightning..twice. and purple aura's surrounded his every vision for years after. i also asked him what do you do when people fuck with you ?' he told me that people rarely do because he can render himself invisible to the bigoted, unlovely and mean. 'the only people that can see me is YOU ! '
LOVE him !