The Durantastic Fashions of Duran Duran


The primary influence Duran Duran's Patrick Nagel graphic style has had on today's world is on the windows of nail salons.
christ that was an awful time. only hair metal was more reprehensible.
Au contraire, Max...that was a delightful time when we were all (to quote Spandau Ballet) beautiful and clean and so very, very young.

It couldn't be sustained, of course. Turns out you can't hold back the rain.

And now we're ugly, dirty and old.

As we should be.
I think the Hungry Like the Wolf video may have triggered my first overtly sexual feelings.
@3 - Well stated. I'm a former 80's teen, having grown up right along with DD and all of the fashions of that time. As a young, confused gay kid, I could look at Nick Rhodes and think "Well, at least he gets it!" and I didn't feel so alone. Copper/blond/red colored hair? Sure. Bangs that went down to my lips? Absolutely. Eyeliner and full makeup? Of course. The clothes? Mine were lifted straight out of the pages of The Face and NME (look it up). The lonely little fashionable gay boy found solace in magazines, videos and a few other friends who looked similar. God, what a fun time it was. The music and fashion of the early 80's, as I was an early teen, helped me cope with figuring out I was gay.

I'm an adult now, and look the part, but I'll always treasure those fashions, my eyeliner and layered bracelets. Good times as a teenager, and I'll always look back upon them with happiness.