Comedy Apr 13, 2023 at 2:11 pm

(Yes She Is)

Astral. Courtesy of STG



Lindy West, you are a GEM--don't ever stop! I love your 2019 book, The Witches Are Coming and am on the lookout for Shrill.


It’s generous of her to still talk to the Stranger.


Castles, poop, AND butts? Lindy, you probably already know that Seattle already has your back. But just in case you didn’t: you complete us. You had us at butts.


"Then I started thinking about all of these other things, all of these other ways you start to learn that things about your life that you thought were perfect are actually not, and are being held up by rickety coping mechanisms that you glued together."
--@Lindy, precisely

thank you,

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