Johnny Sampson


Wow - you were turned into a rubbing post. "I'm sorry baby, did you think I meant sensual for you?"
Apparently this is a “new” porn phenomenon. Looks like it’s usually more enjoyable than what happened to you.

You do know you’re allowed to tell someone to stop, it isn’t working for you, even if that someone is your boyfriend freshnoff deployment?
He was nice enough to not cum in your hair. You have nothing to snark about. He was back from DEPLOYMENT. If you really are his 'girlfriend' you would be jumping up and down at any reasonable sexual request to make him happy. He comes back from hostile territory and you can't put down your silly millennial cell-phone mentality. Maybe it would have been okay if he filmed it and it went viral.
@4 in all fairness, unless they had an open relationship (or she was cheating), she went that time without getting any either, so to make the first time back all about him with nothing for her is not terribly cool.
@4 I was in the Army for years & I can't think of a single time a girl I was dating was obligated to fuck me just b/c we were dating.
Things that are fun during a long deployment in the middle of nowhere are not always as fun back in The World.
Wheew. I thought I was going to read about beastiality.
@4: Wow, you clearly have some deep issues with young women you need to work on if this made you so angry.
@9) Project much?
@6) Sorry about your poor sexual prowess; if it is any consolation, those dysfunctions usually do not get better on their own. See a doctor.
Men and women date for physical contact. If you are calling her your 'girlfriend' but she won't touch you or respond to you, you better rethink your definition of that word.

@9) Ad Homin attacks and lame insults are the best you got? Got nothing so you make up some dumb hipster shit you read about in your horrorscope? What you are saying is that you have nothing relevant to say. But anyone who has seen your posts does already know this.
@10: Says the guy whose post is hostile and all about about how a woman must do whatever her man says sexually. Ok.

For added stupidity, you condemn ad-hominem attacks, and then make extremely childish ones in the same post.

Sexist and stupid. What a catch.
I empathize with LW’s discomfort and encourage her to communicate her emotions honestly (and non-judgmentally) to her boyfriend — this can only strengthen their relationship.

That said, if any readers are straight army men on active deployment who would like to oil up their nuts & hole for a more appreciative state-side massage partner, DM me.

So tender, sweet.
I'm thinking Popelick(who wins the "Name Most Likely To Get You Kicked Out Of Vatican City" prize as well) is just bitter because his girlfriend won't let him rub his anus all over her back-which wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't inflatable.

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