Conjugal Visit: A Long Time Coming


I had no idea human sex could be so uninteresting.
Gives a whole new meaning to “spotted dick”.
Damn, his scenario was completely uninteresting and “yawwwwn”- worthy?

I’m intrigued to hear about YOUR wildly exciting c interesting sex stories!
Until then- maybe not talk shit on those that are actually having sex more than you?

Obviously, it’s just for fun and games, but I find it funny people who don’t even HAVE sex saying it’s boring. But yeah, it’s fun to shit talk- I do it all the time as well. 😂🤙
I thought this was an I, Anonymous and was like "am I getting weird because I really don't see any problem here?"
@6: Yeah, I had the same thought. These articles have been running for ~5 months, and this is the first one I think I've actually read.
“Dear Penthouse Forum,

I never believed any of your stories were true. Until it happened to me...”

Straight sex is gross!
I think it's hilarious that the people who think this was uninteresting took the time to comment. If it was so boring, why not just move on?

I thought it was a concise description of something really quite sexy. I'm glad for them that it was worth the wait.