He told me he was married and that his wife was too exhausted with the kids and housework for sex. He worked; she stayed at home. He told me he suspected that she either didn't like sex or didn't like it with him. He told me he'd be willing to pay me because he thought there was something to the notion that you don't pay a prostitute for sex, you pay them to go away afterward. I told him I wasn't a prostitute and that I'd fuck him for free and go away afterward just the same, if that's what he wanted. He was pretty good at sex. Not great, but not awful, not someone I would refuse to fuck if I'd married him. I don't know if he was telling me the truth about his marriage, but he seemed pretty truthful. We fucked in his office, his car, and the men's bathroom at a downtown restaurant. I'd fuck him again, but he told me he felt too guilty after that last fuck and wanted to work on things with his wife. I'm pretty sure that was the first and only lie he ever told me. "MARIA"

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