Not sure that any of it or all of it was a lie, but you sound awesome! Keep rocking!


“He told me he was married and that his wife was too exhausted with the kids and housework for sex. He worked; she stayed at home.


Not great, but not awful, not someone I would refuse to fuck if I'd married him. I don't know if he was telling me the truth about his marriage, but he seemed pretty truthful“

I mean, the possibility of him spending more time fucking strangers than helping his wife with the kids leading to her not having the headspace for sex is not infinitesimal.

Work is work, and hers never ends, so no free time and headspace to fantasize is not necessarily the same as “refusing” him sex.


So he's got free time to fuck strangers, but no time to help take care of his kids and clean up after himself? He's a jerk, and so are you, LW.


@3: Picking up toys and raising his kids would cut into his Tinder time.


Well, we know the guy married middle-class white girl!


um actually the term is "sex worker" not "prostitute" please get woke thanks


That's how I met my third husband.

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