I was his piece on the side. He told me his husband couldn't know we were hooking up. He said their relationship was "nearly sexless," but he still loved his husband and didn't want to leave him. The strange thing was that we always hooked up at their place. Whenever I told him I needed his cock, he said come over. It seemed like his husband was always "out of town for work" when I called. I joked with him about my "fuck luck." The first thing that made me suspicious: I could never spend the night, even though his husband was out of town. The second thing: We hooked up one night when the husband was supposed to be coming home the next day. The next day, I texted him to say thanks for the great fuck and wish we were fucking right now, and he said his husband's trip had been extended another day and to come over. So I went over and told him I didn't want to fuck, I wanted to know what was up. The truth: His husband was home every single time we fucked. He would fuck me and his husband would suck his cock and JO after I left. It didn't bother me, but once I knew what was up, he lost interest in me. Or maybe he already was anyway. I still see them out, and we smile and nod. If they read this: I'm still game, you guys. “MARCELO” recommended

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