Conjugal Visit Jul 4, 2018 at 4:00 am
Johnny Sampson



I never believed MY airplane would crash. Until it did. And I found myself running from burning wreckage.


This AI sounds like a self-destructive train wreck and she found her perfect man. I'm sad for her.


If you're screwing random people without condoms, and you're worried about HIV, GET ON PrEP. Please. For the love of whatever you believe in.


3 Reading comprehension zero and stupid as well.


"We do not use condoms because I can't be bothered with believing I'm worth keeping safe."

You can thank alt-reich peeps (like ourownThorny, above?) for the Patriarchy, which hates women -- unless utilized as school marms, brood mares, or in-house maids, who must always: remember their place. Which they're always, pleased as punch, reminding you exactly where it is.

Beneath them. Unprotected.


And I believed my mentally unhinged sociopathic ex-husband was a handsome prince on a big white horse and the answer to my prayers. And then Jack Torrance's unkempt face crashed through the bathroom door and I ran off screaming.
@1 BadBreathMommy: At least you're still alive to tell the tale. I'm glad you're okay.
@2 randommonkey: I second that. This IA's story is really depressing, and @5: Thank you for so nicely beating me to it on aptly responding to @3 ROT's typically stupid comment.
@3 ROT: Seriously--your avatar image should be of Anthony Perkins, not Cary Grant going incognito on the 20th Century Limited. Still dateless and rotting in your mom's fruit cellar, Norman? I guess a boy's best friend is his mother.


And that is why we should have make sense laws like the very sane CA has. Make knowingly transmitting HIV a misdemeanor!
Bet you hopped over to the other side of the fence faster than you can say #metoo, didn't you sweetheart?


The story of two people who don't care about themselves or each other, having sex without communication. The End


I must confess I'm not up-to-date on which current crop of Kennedy boys are considered handsome. It was RFK in my day.



I bet ROT and Raindrop are a couple.


@3 Maybe someday you'll like yourself enough not to say shit like that.

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