Johnny Sampson



Good for you. Sounds like you had a plan with good controls that gave you the out you were looking for if things went south. Hey, as you said, because of your setup it's not like you are going to run into this person in your small town. That was smart. There are the kind of men you're looking for out there, so don't let one person blow your fun. I would specify next time that you want current photo's and have them do one on the spot with their phone. If you share why you want such, any normal person would agree, but expect to have to provide the same. Good luck!


What a dumb "I, Anonymous". Lesbians don't have sex with men. Bisexual women do. This was a real snooze-fest. NEXT!


What the $%#! is a "gold-star" lesbian?


It's nice to see I, Anons with happy endings!


I once bought a couch off of Craigslist. Turned out a rat was living inside it. I no longer trust Craigslist for anything.


5: There's a rat living in Craigslist? Ewwww!!!!!


You seriously thought some skeeve you met on craigslist was going to be a good idea? LOL!


Used to have threesomes with girls we met off of Craigslist all the time, for years. It went great. One trick though - we always made them send us a photo of themselves holding a book. That way we knew the photo was current and real. Try it. You can, of course, change "book" to whatever you want.

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