I moved to a new community after a breakup. I reconnected with an old friend who had just divorced. Needless to say, hormones were running high. We met for a romantic walk. Halfway through the Japanese garden, we realized we needed more privacy than the teahouse afforded. She found it impossible to keep her hands off me as I drove around looking for the requisite privacy. The best I could do in this strange new town was a cemetery. I drove to a secluded area in the back. Conjugal attempts were thwarted by the console, so we moved to the back seat. She spread her thighs and melted as I demonstrated my cunnilingus skills. Then it was her turn. During our walk, she had asked me about my fantasies, one of which was always wishing I could experience a "gum-job." It didn't take much knob bobbing before I was raging. And then she stopped, looked me in the eye, and removed her dentures! "BLAKE"

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